Please Support Amazing Mountains & Marathon Fundraiser for Princess Alice Hospice

Mountains & Marathon Fundraiser for Princess Alice Hospice
Princess Alice Hospice Fundraising Cahllenge - Chamonix Valley in the French alps
Princess Alice Hospice Esher Elmbridge Surrey

Mikolaj’s 7:3:7 challenge: 7 days 3 events in July. 90km & 2 mountain peaks

“I am running a 91km marathon with 6200km elevation for Princess Alice Hospice because it offers high quality, compassionate care”.

Event: Ultra Marathon Mont Blanc 90km, from June 25, 2021 to June 26, 2021

As we (finally) come out of lockdowns it has become quite clear that one of the big losers of the last 14 months has been the charity sector with donations significantly down.

As such I thought I would do something in order to give back to the community and have decided to undertake a Triple back-to-back challenge I am calling the 7:3:7 challenge in the Chamonix Valley in the French alps.

7 days …. 3 events… in July

1) Run 90km distance, 6km elevation in the Chamonix Ultra Marathon

2) Climb Italy’s 4,000m Grand Paradiso

3) Climb Western Europe’s highest peak: 4,800m Mont Blanc

Climb Western Europe's highest peak is part of fundraising challenge for Princess Alice Hospice Esher Elmbridge

Challenge 1: Run 90km distance, 6km elevation in the Chamonix Ultra Marathon – 2/3rd July

The Mont-Blanc 90 km race has become legendary in the trail running community. With its 91km distance and 6220 meters of elevation (albeit reduced to 85km and 6,020m for this year due to restrictions meaning we cannot run in Switzerland), it has been recognised as one of the most technical trail races in France. To put the length and elevation into perspective, it is like running from London to Oxford over 2/3rd of Mount Everest!

The Chamonix Mont Blanc Ultra Marathon is a closed race featuring 1,000 runners with an average 55% completion rate. We start at 4am on 2nd July and have 24 hours to complete, but am hoping to get inside the 20 hour mark. Check out the details of the race here:


after a rest day on 4th July…..

Challenge 2: Climb Italy’s 4,000m Grand Paradiso – 5/6th July

We drive to Italy to climb “the acclimatisation peak” of Grand Paradiso. At 4,061m this is Italy’s highest independent peak. Whilst by Alpine mountaineering standards, Gran Paradiso is considered one of the less difficult 4,000m/ 13,123ft peaks, it has one of the longest summit day ascents of 1,300m/ 4,265ft, which will hurt after the 90km run


After a drive back to Chamonix and a rest day on the 7th ….

Challenge 3: Climb Italy’s 4,000m Grand Paradiso – 8/9th July

We head to the top of Western Europe and climb Mont Blanc. Rising 4,808 m (15,774 ft) above sea level. It is the highest mountain in Western Europe, and it is the eleventh most prominent mountain summit in the world. The mountain stands between the regions of Aosta Valley, Italy, and Savoie and Haute-Savoie, France

Unfortunately the idea of ski touring up to the top and the subsequent ski down has lost out to lockdowns.

Mountains & Marathon Challenge - Fundraiser for Princess Alice Hospice

The Charity: Princess Alice Hospice

The Princess Alice Hospice is a local Surrey charity dedicated to providing free, high quality care and support for adults with cancer and other life limiting illnesses; as well as those approaching the end of their lives. For over 30 years, the Princess Alice Hospice has been delivering compassionate care across Surrey, southwest London and Middlesex. At any one time, the charity is looking after more than 800 people in need.

It costs over £10.1 million each year to provide this free, high quality care. Princess Alice Hospice are investing in developing services to reach out to even more people in need. As a charity, it can only survive with the ongoing generous support of the local community that makes it possible to do their work.

The Training

Given work commitments, running has essentially been limited to weekends only ( year to date: c.900km distance and c.27,000m elevation) with during the week training comprising a spin bike, weights and far more yoga than I would have hoped.

Please Support This Fantastic Cause

So that’s that, the charity is an amazing one which has been hit particularly hard during lockdown and I would so appreciate if you could donate generously to this fantastic cause, by using the link above.

Princess Alice Hospice Fundraising
Princess Alice Hospice Care

More Information About Princess Alice Hospice

Princess Alice Hospice: For Compassion. For Excellence. For People. For Living.

Princess Alice Hospice has, for more than 30 years, provided free, high-quality, specialist end of life care to tens of thousands of people across a large part of Surrey, south west London and Middlesex.

Today, at any one time, Hospice nurses, doctors and other specialist staff are looking after more than 800 people in need.

The Hospice’s mission is to reach out to even more people by delivering outstanding care to those that need it. To enable us to do this, we will rely on the commitment and support of our communities who help us to raise vital funds.

£10.1 million is needed each year to provide these vital and much-needed services. With limited NHS funding, 76% must be generated by fundraising, retail operations, donations and legacies.

For more information about the charity and the work it does click on the link below.

Volunters Request

Our volunteers are vital to Princess Alice Hospice. Whether you can help out for a few hours as and when we need you, commit to a regular day or half day of volunteering, or would be interested in supporting a short term project, there are many ways for you to give your time, skills and energy.

For more information and some current volunteer opportunities, visit our website and select the volunteering page, or contact us by email or phone: Tel: 01372 461856