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Weybridge Charity’s aim is to help Weybridge residents who are in financial need. We give two types of help – Emergency Aid and Christmas Grants.

help to get an essential item

Emergency Aid

Weybridge Charity (formerly called Weybridge Land Charity) can help people in emergency financial difficulties, who need help to get an essential item such as furniture, a carpet, a kitchen appliance, a baby buggy or similar – by providing the item.

Any application for emergency aid must be recommended to the Charity by an approved agent, such as your Social Worker, Home-Start Elmbridge, Walton Family Centre, Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), etc.

If the application is approved, Weybridge Charity will arrange for the item to be supplied.

How to apply for Emergency Aid
In order to apply to Weybridge Charity, first talk with one of the following:

Adult Social Care, Elmbridge Locality Team

Elmbridge Civic Centre, High Street, Esher, Surry KT10 9SD.

Walton Family Centre

Sandy Lane, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 2EQ. Tel: 01932 229313

Walton, Hersham & Weybridge Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

Citizens Advice Elmbridge (West)
(Elmbridge Community Hub, The Old School House, 72 High Street, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 1BU. Tel: 01932 248660)

Home-Start Elmbridge

(Charity House, 5 The Quintet, Churchfield Road, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 2TZ. Tel: 0203 757 7220)

PA Housing

(Case House, 85-89 High St, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 1DZ. Tel: 0300 123 2221)

Your local church

Churches in Weybridge

Emergency Help from Weybridge Charity

If the person you talk with feels that you should qualify an Emergency Grant from Weybridge Charity, then

  1. Ask them to write an email or short letter of support, explaining your circumstances and what it is that you need.
  2. Ask them to send the email to admin@weybridgecharity.org.uk or letter to:
    Weybridge Charity
    Allotments Gate
    Curzon Road
    Surrey KT13 8UN

Weybridge Charity Trustees will then act promptly to assess your application, and where appropriate will provide emergency aid.

Please note:
The Charity does not accept any applications for credit-card or other debt relief.

All emergency aid applications have to be recommended in writing by the Social Worker, CAB or another approved agent.
Direct requests by applicants are not considered.

Weybridge Charity can provide Emergency Aid - Any application for emergency aid must be recommended to the Charity by an approved agent,

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Christmas Grants

Each year, Weybridge Charity makes approximately 300 Christmas grants to local people.

Most Christmas Grants are typically in the region of £100, some are higher, with the sum varying according to the recipient’s circumstances.

All residents of Weybridge who are in financial need can make direct applications (September – October, one application per household).

How to apply for Christmas Grants
Application forms for these grants are available from the Weybridge Centre and Weybridge Public Library every September and October.

Completed forms need to be returned by the end of October and payments are made by cheque in December.

Weybridge Charity makes approximately 300 Christmas grants to local people each year
Weybridge Library Church Street

Weybridge Library

Church Street, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8DE

Weybridge Centre For The Community in town centre

Weybridge Centre

Churchfield House, Churchfield Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8DB

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Weybridge Charity

Weybridge Charity (previously Weybridge Land Charity) is a long established local charity in Weybridge, Surrey, which aims to help Weybridge residents who are in financial need.

We give two types of grants, to meet specific emergency needs, and at Christmas. This website page explains what our Emergency Aid and Christmas Grants are, and how to apply.

In addition, Weybridge Charity owns and is responsible for the Churchfields Allotments. These are managed by the Weybridge Allotment Holders and Gardeners Association, who organise their upkeep and lettings.

Registered Charity

No. 200270

Churchfields Allotments in Weybridge Surrey - Gardening & Vegetable Growing

Origin of the Weybridge Charity


An Award was made in 1811 under the terms of the Weybridge and Byfleet Enclosure Act 1800, that parts of the waste and commons in the Parish of Weybridge amounting to 71 acres 3 roods 36 poles (being the present Weybridge Heath in Hanger Hill including the Cricket Ground, Heath Road, Brooklands Lane & Road and St. Georges Avenue) be set out for the use of occupiers of cottages within the Parish. Such occupiers would have the sole and exclusive right of using these commons and waste lands for pasture etc. That Award also established the Weybridge Poor’s Land Charity (now called Weybridge Charity) to oversee the operation of these rights and become the owner of the above lands.


In 1882 the Government required all Charities, which owned land for the benefit of the poor to set aside land for allotments. To avoid any part of the Heath being used for allotments, a number of residents arranged for 10 acres of the Heath to be leased to them so as to provide the Trustees with sufficient funds whereby the Charity was able to lease alternative acreage for allotments being the land which forms the present Churchfields Allotments.


The Trustees realised that the Charity would be unable to raise sufficient funds to purchase the Churchfields Allotments at the expiry of the lease, so negotiations commenced with the former Weybridge Urban District Council. Accordingly, the Weybridge Urban District Council agreed in 1910 to purchase Churchfields Allotments and also land in Pine Grove (a total of 10 acres) for transfer to the Charity in exchange for the whole of the Charity’s land holding on Weybridge Heath on condition that the Council would also become the corporate Trustee of the Charity and therefore be responsible for its future administration.


From 1910 to 1999 the Charity’s income was derived from allotment rents and a few investments, in roughly equal proportions. After providing for administration and management expenses, the remainder was distributed to the deserving poor who were resident in the Parish of Weybridge.


That position remained unaltered until 1992 when the Charity Commission approved a new Scheme whereby the local authority (Elmbridge Borough Council) agreed to surrender its role as corporate Trustee. The Charity now has a revised constitution with eleven independent Managing Trustees to administer the Charity. Six of those Trustees (who need not necessarily be Council Members) are nominated by Elmbridge Borough Council and the remaining five by the Trustees.

The sale of the small Pine Grove allotment land holding in 1999 provided sufficient additional investment income to extend considerably the Charity’s work and enable it to have its own separate administration. Due to the previous historic lack of funding, the Charity has since undertaken considerable capital and improvement works at the Churchfields Allotments, which has made them more easily workable.

The objective of the Charity has always been to benefit the poor of Weybridge. The Charity’s Object was amended in 2000 in order to remain in line with that. Its sole Object is “the relief of persons resident in the area of benefit who are in need, hardship or distress”.

From 2002 the area of benefit was extended to the whole of Weybridge as determined by the boundaries of the Local Government Wards of Weybridge North and South, Oatlands Park and St Georges Hill. It comprises the Weybridge KT13 postcode area.

Weybridge Charity Trustees 2020

Helen Lamb (CHAIR)

Michael J. Freeman

Carlye Case

Glenn P. Dearlove

Peter M. Harman

Alison Lornie

Vicki Macleod

Tim G.Oliver

Murray Law

Barry J. F. Cheyne

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Churchfields Allotments

Weybridge Charity owns the Churchfields Allotments, which has over 200 plots. The Charity has appointed the Weybridge Allotment Holders and Gardeners Association to manage the allotments, including letting of the plots, collection of rents and general supervision of the site.

It is the declared intention of the Managing Trustees of Weybridge Charity to retain Churchfields allotments as allotment land. This maintains the history of green land in the centre of Weybridge, and open views from Churchfields Park across the allotments towards St James’ Church.

Contact WAHGA to apply for an allotment

Applications for allotments at Churchfields from residents of Weybridge and the surrounding area should be made at:

The Allotment Shop at the end of Curzon Road (inside the entrance gates) on Saturdays & Sundays between 10:00 am – 12:00 noon.

Refill your water bottle in Weybridge with free tap water at participating shops and businesses


Yearly rents for allotments depend on the size of plot. The current annual rents are:
Full plot £70
Three-quarter plot £55
Two-thirds plot £50
Half plot £45
One-third plot £30
One-quarter plot £25

For more information about the allotments, click on Weybridge Allotment Holders and Gardeners Association.

GHI Weybridge - Guild Home Improvements - Double glazed windows and doors

Weybridge Allotment Holders' & Gardeners' Association

Anyone who is resident in the local area is entitled to take up a plot. There are no restrictions on applying for one – apart from a commitment to cultivate it. No previous gardening experience is necessary

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Leaving a gift to the Charity in your will – or making a donation now – can make a huge difference to the needy of Weybridge

Weybridge Charity helps local residents. Every penny donated is spent on giving cash, food or essential household equipment or furniture to people on very low incomes within Weybridge.

It may be a surprise to learn that there are a lot of local households in need, but a significant proportion of Weybridge residents do suffer from real poverty and severely limited prospects. You can help make a difference.


Refill your water bottle in Weybridge with free tap water at participating shops and businesses

Being poor in this particularly affluent area creates a number of problems. Low-income families can often feel isolated and lose self-esteem. They see a future of mounting debt. The stress of constantly trying to make ends meet can lead to health problems, and lower life expectancy. It can sometimes even lead to domestic abuse.

The difference in living standards between the low-income earners and average/high income earners in Weybridge is often starkly apparent, making the situation of the have-nots particularly stressful.

Our Charity tries to take some of the pressure away from these families by giving food vouchers (often when the options are to pay an urgent bill or to buy food) or by providing basic kitchen equipment, a bed or some other essential furniture which they would otherwise find impossible to obtain.

Weybridge has over 830 residents in receipt of housing benefit and the problem of inequality is certainly not limited to some of those individuals. The problem is far more widespread.

Your donation would help our Charity to increase the level of aid we are currently able to offer those residents in severe financial need. 100% of all donations received are spent giving cash or goods to those in need in the Weybridge area.

Thank you for your generous support.

Please contact:

Weybridge Charity
Allotments Gate
Curzon Road
KT13 8UN


If you wish to make a direct donation to the Charity, our bank details are:

Account name: Weybridge Land Charity
Sort Code: 40-52-40
Account number: 00016911

(Note that Weybridge Charity has in 2016 simplified its name, and was formerly known as Weybridge Land Charity)

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Contact Weybridge Charity

If you need Emergency Aid, please see the Emergency Aid section for who to speak with.

If you are interested in applying for a Christmas Grant, please see the Christmas Grants section.

If you wish to donate to Weybridge Charity, or if you have other general queries, please contact:

Mobile Personal Training and Sports Massage - Weybridge, Woking Surrey Fitness
Oatlands Dental Lounge Weybridge Surrey Dentists
Carbon Funding Consultants Weybridge
Red Bar & Restaurant Queens Road Weybridge Surrey
United Reformed Church Weybridge Surrey