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Liz Farmer, Meals On Wheels Volunteer At Weybridge Centre For The Community

Liz has always wanted to do some sort of volunteering in the community, and had stopped working when her first child was born 20 years ago. As the children grew, she was always involved with helping with PTA events, and after a stint working as a volunteer at the Sam Beare charity shop in Weybridge, started at The Weybridge Centre delivering meals on one of 3 rounds sent out from here.
That was 10 years ago, and she is still happily doing a round once a fortnight, or whenever they need help.

Though you have to get the meals out whilst hot, she can still have a chat and check on the elderly recipients. They may ask to post letters, or just need to hear someone’s voice! Meals are cooked at the centre, then kept hot in insulated boxes. The recipients can expect a hot, nutritious meal, and can have a tea-time sandwich delivered too.

Liz Farmer : Meals on Wheels volunteer at The Weybridge Centre for the Community
Liz is part of a team of volunteers, delivering full meals at lunchtime to over 25 elderly or infirmed people in the area, every day, even at weekends. It’s a lovely team, and we can call on each other to help out if we are unable to do our round for any reason. Many volunteers work at the centre too, helping serve meals there, or helping in the on-site café. The Centre recently held a thank you dinner for all the volunteers, and it was great to meet everyone…..

However, we are always looking for new volunteers , as people may be on holiday, or just not able to do their round for various reasons! We would like some ‘younger’ volunteers to take on this task….just remember……you may need the Meal delivery service yourself one day.

Meals on Wheels Weybridge Surrey
Elmbridge BC provide a seven day meal service to older and disabled people in Elmbridge and Mole Valley (Leatherhead, Bookham and Fetcham areas only) who are unable to prepare meals.

The round I do takes me to a couple houses in Brooklands then several streets in Weybridge. It never takes more than an hour, and you have a great sense of achievement afterwards. Some of the recipients haven’t seen anyone all day till you turn up with their lunch!

If you like the idea of volunteering at the Weybridge Centre For The Community email them at weybridgecentre@elmbridge.gov.uk

Or give them a call on 01932 844 391 – please mention the All About Weybridge website.

Weybridge Centre For The Community

Weybridge Centre For The Community

The Weybridge Centre is located at the heart of Weybridge overlooking the Bowling Green. This is one of seven centres in Elmbridge for the community that offers a wide range of services, facilities and activities for those over 50.

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