Plans for Integrated Retirement Community in Weybridge submitted following Positive Community Feedback

Members Hill Brooklands Weybridge Elmbridge Surrey - New Integrated Retirement Community

Respondents to consultation were strongly supportive of plans to convert the current office building into a retirement community

Plans for a new Integrated Retirement Community in Weybridge have been submitted by later living operators Amicala and development partner, Socius, following a four-month consultation with residents and community organisations.

Around 600 people responded to the most recent round of consultation about proposals to repurpose the existing JTI Headquarters, a 10-acre site on Members Hill at Brooklands in Weybridge, into specialist accommodation for senior living.

Respondents to the latest round of consultation were strongly supportive of plans to convert the current office building into a retirement community. 

A further majority supported the proposed designs, which have now been submitted to Elmbridge Borough Council as a planning application.

Members Hill Retirement Community Weybridge Surrey - Planning Application to Elmbridge Borough Council

Integrated Retirement Communities remain a relatively new concept in the UK.

Unlike traditional care facilities, residents own their own home with more space, including their own front door, to maintain independence and privacy.

There is a strong focus on community, combating loneliness and boosting wellbeing.

The plans include 205 purpose-built, age-appropriate homes for sale alongside a range of amenities that will be accessible to the wider community including shops, a hydropool, exercise studio and café, enabling residents to live active and healthy lives.

Weybridge Retirement Community proposed for Brooklands Weybridge Surrey
Weybridge Retirement Communityat Members Hill Brooklands includes Care option

About Integrated Retirement Communities

Purpose-built integrated retirement communities cater for the specific needs of older people as they age, alongside management and delivery of care and assistance, which can be increased or decreased depending on the individual circumstances of each resident.

Such accommodation brings considerable benefits for the health and wellbeing of older people, as well as extensive wider social and community benefits, including significant savings for the NHS and social care system, and benefits to the wider housing market.

About Socius

Socius - Developer - Proposed Brooklands Weybridge Surrey Retirement Community

Socius is an impactful developer with projects across the UK, working in partnership to balance profit and purpose, whilst delivering inspiring and sustainable mixed-use places for people to live, work and socialise.

A privately-owned mixed-use developer with a focus on delivering long-term financial and social value for communities across the UK, Socius will work in partnership with local residents, businesses and stakeholders over the coming months to bring forward long term plans.

Socius is also delivering sustainable mixed-use developments in Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge and Milton Keynes.

About Amicala

Amicala - Integrated Retirement Communities
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