Movie At Walton & Weybridge Film Society – Franz

Frantz - September Movie at Walton and Weybridge Film Society

Wednesday September 12th: 8pm

Director: François Ozon, France/Germany, 2016, 113 mins, black & white, English subtitles. Leading Players: Pierre Niney (Adrien Rivoire), Paula Beer (Anna), Ernst  Stötzner  (Doktor  Hans  Hoffmeister), Marie Gruber (Magda Hoffmeister), Johann von Bülow (Kreutz), Cyrielle Clair (Adrien’s mother)
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Walton and Weybridge Film Society - Movies at Cecil Hepworth Playhouse
In the aftermath of WWI, a young German who grieves the death of her fiancé in France meets a mysterious Frenchman who visits the fiancé’s grave to lay flowers.

Film Synopsis

The prolific French filmmaker François Ozon’s monochrome gem is somewhat atypical compared with much of his earlier work.

Perhaps that’s why many consider Frantz to be his finest film to date. Evoking the delicate literary works of Stefan Zweig and especially Max Ophuls’s masterpiece Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948), (itself from a novel by Zweig), this beautiful and ultimately moving film is far more restrained and emotionally contained than Ozon’s usual tone.

In a small German town, in the immediate aftermath of WWI, Anna, a delicate and shy young woman, meets Adrien, a young Frenchman, who mysteriously appears at the graveside of her fiancé, a victim of the trenches. Slowly a friendship and possibly something more develops as Adrien is introduced to the older couple who care for Anna.

But Adrien harbours a secret that once revealed threatens to destroy everything the young couple hope for their future happiness.

We have screened Ozon’s earlier 8 Women (2002) and Potiche (2010) in previous seasons, but you won’t find any of the broad farce and eye-popping colours of those films here. 

Walton and Weybridge Film Society - Movies at Cecil Hepworth Playhouse

Instead, Pascal Marti’s award-winning, crisp black and white photography and the subtle, wonderfully modulated performances of the two young leads (Paula Beer and Pierre Niney) make this an altogether more absorbing and thought-provoking experience and an achingly romantic tour-de-force.

The other obvious influence on the look of the film is another we have shown – Michael Haneke’s chilly The White Ribbon (2009). But where Haneke takes a scalpel to the middle-class hypocrisy of the rising pro- Nazi middle class, Ozon’s approach is more to examine the personal rather than overtly political consequences of war and its aftermath.


Film Notes

Winner of 1 César Award (cinematography) and nominated for ten others at the 2017 awards. Pierre Niney, a rising French star, also appeared in The Odyssey (2016) and Yves Saint Laurent (2014), both released in the UK.

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Programme of Movies at Walton and Weybridge Film Society

September Movie – Franz
At The Cecil Hepworth Playhouse
Walton On Thames

Event Times & Venue

Date: Wednesday 12th September 2018
Start Time: 8pm.

Address: The Performance Hall,
The Cecil Hepworth Playhouse,
Hurst Grove,
Surrey KT12 1AT

Note: Hurst Grove is off Hepworth Way (A3050)

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