Elmbridge Local Plan Consultation – Planning Consultations Now Open

Elmbridge Borough Council Local Plan consultation September 2019
Elmbridge Borough Council event at Painshill Park Cobham
The Local Plan options consultation ended at midnight on 30 September. We received over 6,500 consultation responses via the questionnaire and we would like to thank everyone who responded and contributed to the debate on the Elmbridge Local Plan as your feedback will help inform the approach to the Local Plan and site selection in the borough.

What’s next?

We will now review the responses to the consultation and issue a feedback document by mid-December. This will be posted on our website , through social media and a notification sent via email to all of those signed up for alerts and notifications to planning consultations.The next Local Plan consultation is expected early 2020.

Cllr Karen Randolph, Portfolio Holder for Planning Services, is grateful to all of those who took the time to review the Local Plan documentation and respond to the consultation: “As we know the Local Plan is a vital part of ensuring we have a thriving Elmbridge. Thank you to all our residents who spent time reviewing, researching and responding to the consultation; while this was not a vote on the five options presented, your feedback and ideas will most certainly be considered for the next phase of the Local Plan in Elmbridge.”

Residents are encouraged to sign up for planning consultation alerts and notifications via our website – elmbridge.gov.uk/planning/planning-policy/get-involved-in-planning/.

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Everyone’s views matter on Elmbridge’s draft Local Plan for housing provision over the next 15 years.

The 5 Options are:

Option 1 – intensify urban areas. This option would require all housing sites to be delivered at over 85 dph (dwellings per hectare) as compared with the notional current 40 +dph for town centres and 30 dph for other areas. This option maintains the green belt.

Option 2 – optimise urban area, release three areas of green belt to a loss of 3%, but none in Weybridge. This option only delivers 73% of the housing need.

Option 3 – optimise urban area and large green belt release losing 11%, in many parts of Elmbridge, including a significant piece at Brooklands College (well-hidden, back land to deliver affordable/staff accommodation) and two bits of Seven Hills Road. This option would deliver 175% of housing need.

Option 4 – optimise urban area and maintain all green belt. This option would only deliver 57% of housing need.

Option 5 – optimise urban area, with losses of 6% of green belt, none in central Weybridge but a small bit at Wyevale Nursery. This option would deliver 100% of housing need but only just scrape by the target.

Weybridge Society encourages all members and residents to review the Local Plan information on its website at:

www.elmbridge.gov.uk/localplan and make whatever submission you think appropriate by 23.59 on Monday 30th September 2019.
The easiest way to respond is to use the online questionnaire.

Weybridge Society is an amenity society. It has no political affiliations and does not put up candidates for election to the Borough or County Councils.

For nearly 60 years, Weybridge Society has represented and watched over the interests of local residents, sought to safeguard and enhance local amenities, and conveyed members’ views to the Borough and County Councils, and to the Member of Parliament.

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