Weybridge In Bloom

About Weybridge In Bloom

Weybridge in Bloom is a community project aimed at increasing civic pride in the local Weybridge community. Through this initiative, we want to encourage residents and businesses to get involved and make Weybridge a brighter, cleaner and greener place in which to live, work, and do business.

Weybridge in Bloom will help in getting people together; improving their local environment and creating spaces that are a source of pride for people of all ages. This will primarily be through encouraging gardening and horticultural activities in open and public spaces that complement the character of our town and adds color to our surroundings.

The photo at the top of the page shows planting of 3,000 bulbs at the approach to the town centre. More information and photos on that below.

Weybridge in Bloom is a community project aimed at increasing civic pride in the local Weybridge community

Opportunities through our initiative could include designing floral displays, creating wild flower meadows and organising events and local activities such as bulb planting days, environmental clean ups, cleaning waterways, litter picking, helping to run a committee, managing the upkeep of horticulture displays etc.

As a community run initiative, we welcome all residents to partake in this endeavour and help make it a success. If you would like to join us, please contact us and we will send you a membership form. Joining will enable us to keep you informed about our next event. If you have any questions or would like to help in any way, please contact us using the details at the bottom of the page.


Thanks To The Arts Society Weybridge For Our First Sponsorship

“On behalf of team Weybridge in Bloom, I would like to thank The Arts Society Weybridge for the generous donation which was received on September 16 , 2019.

Weybridge in Bloom relies on generosity of donors such as yourself and is grateful for the support. Your financial support will make it possible for us to improve local environment and create spaces that will be a source of pride for people of all ages.”

Charu Sood, Chair of Weybridge In Bloom

Arts Society Weybridge Surrey

Weybridge in Bloom relies on generosity of donors such as yourself and is grateful for the support. Your financial support will make it possible for us to improve local environment and create spaces that will be a source of pride for people of all ages.”

Charu Sood, Chair of Weybridge In Bloom


“Please register so that we can keep you informed. Let’s take pride in Weybridge and create a fantastic community spirit. Go on, get involved!”

Charu Sood

Membership is free. The membership form asks whether you give consent to be included in any photos or video taken at events. We hope most people will agree to this, so we can get good publicity. By showing the progress and improvements to the local community, it should encourage increased participation for a better Weybridge!

2019 At A Glance

Looking back on the year 2019, we started the year with a handful of volunteers and are now a community of over 100 plus members from all across Weybridge and neighbouring areas.

As we come to the end of 2019, on behalf of team WiB, I send you Seasons Greeting and a wish you a very Happy New Year 2020.

We look forward to continue and build on our successes from 2019.

WiB Update & Events

On 22nd June 2019, we had our first WiB meeting where we formed a committee and agreed on roles and responsibilities for the team.

Chair - Charu Sood

To ensure Weybridge in Bloom increases civic pride in the local Weybridge community, to grow membership and control all sections

Treasurer - Mike O’Sullivan

All accounts related activities
Will provide financial report

Events Lead - Ian Donaldson

Will take permission from EBC and SCC Highways when required
Arrange with EBC and Highways on dates
All approvals for events should be submitted to him
Arrange competitions

Gardening Lead - Diane Ewart & Anna Gibbons

Designing and planning
Selecting the flowers for planting
Will provide time lines for planting

Publications Lead - Hilary Butler

Will take care of all press related activities and publications for WiB 
Compiling the minutes of the meeting

Photographer - Nicolette Stacey

Will be covering all events and provide the photos for social media and press
Has to ensure we do not take or print pictures without permission

Fundraiser Lead - Vacancy

Actively look out for sponsorships for WiB

Website - Chris Grace

Maintain and Update WiB website 
Weybridge in Bloom is a community project aimed at increasing civic pride in the local Weybridge community

There are still a few vacancies and we would welcome if anyone of you would like to volunteer. Please contact me in case you are interested.

On 26th June, our Honourable Mayor Mary Sheldon unveiled the flowerbed at Churchfield recreation ground. See below for link to article with photos.

Our next event for summer is Litter picking on 20th July at 12 noon.
We will be cleaning the pathway along the railway track connecting Brooklands to Weybridge station.

Meeting point: Weybridge station parking (opp St George’s avenue)

Look forward to seeing you all on the 20th July.

Kind regards,

Charu Sood

Elmbridge Mayor Unveils Flowerbed - Winner of Weybridge In Bloom Competition

Invitation To Enter Design A Flowerbed Competiton

As we are entering 2020, we are inviting members of Weybridge in Bloom and local schools to create a flower bed design that reflects their vision for Weybridge for the next 10 years.

Theme: New Decade = New Beginning

The winning design will be planted in Churchfields Recreation Ground in the spring.

2020 Competition Information & Entry Form

Last Year’s Competition

The photo shows Elmbridge Mayor Mayor Mary Sheldon and her consort, who joined local residents and volunteers of Weybridge In Bloom, to unveil the feature flowerbed at Churchfields Recreation Ground.
Read the report and view the photo gallery.

Invitation To Weybridge in Bloom Annual General Meeting on Saturday 7th March 2020

Venue Weybridge Library – First Floor


  1. Previous year’s review
  2. WiB 2020 Objective/ Plans
  3. Announcing winners for the Design the Flower Bed Competition
  4. Treasurers report
  5. Any Other Business

2019 General Meeting

Last year’s well attended meeting, which launched Weybridge In Bloom, was a great success.
To see photos of the WiB launch, and news of the competition winners including photos of their winning designs, please click here.

Weybridge Tree Planting Event Including ECO Community Groups

Trees Planted In Weybridge To Promote Eco Friendly Groups

Elmbridge Borough Council In Partnership With Weybridge In Bloom

“We had a great turnout on Saturday 30th November at our Community Tree planting event in partnership with EBC to celebrate National Tree Week. Together we planted 5 Silver Birch trees in Churchfields Recreation Ground, Weybridge. It was a pleasure to have our Honourable Mayor Mary Sheldon to support the event.

On the day we invited Eco friendly groups from neighbouring towns.

My Son’s Planet
Cloth Club Weybridge
Elmbridge Environmental Concern Group
Molesey Clothing Exchange
Weybridge Men’s Shed”

Charu Sood

More information and photos

Oatlands Recreation Ground -  flower bulb planting by Weybridge in Bloom

WIB's “Best Dressed Christmas Window”

This competition is open to all Weybridge non-retail and retail businesses.

All you need to do is register your interest in this competition and dress up your show window

How to enter
It is simple:

• Email competition@weybridgeinbloom.org.uk and share your interest by 10th December 2019.

• Your decoration must include FLOWERS OR PLANTS for it to be eligible for participation in the WiB competition.

For more information see the Competition page.


Oatlands Recreation Ground -  flower bulb planting by Weybridge in Bloom

Two Bulb Planting Events in 2019

Last year our bulb planting event at Morrisons had been a huge success and was appreciated by the commuters and residents.

We therefore planned to do a much bigger spread of bulbs this year by covering a wider area across Weybridge, and held two bulb planting events:

Saturday 12th October 2019 outside Meejana, Weybridge Town Centre
Thank you all for coming down to help with Bulb planting despite the rains.

I’m sure Weybridge is going to have a beautiful floral display in Spring 2020.

Saturday 19th October 2019 at Oatlands Recreation Ground

Big thanks to all the parents and their young ones who came out to help team WiB with Bulb planting at Oatlands recreation ground on Saturday.

Your help will surely make Weybridge look vibrant next Spring!

Charu Sood

Chair-Weybridge in Bloom

For more photos see the gallery

Children’s Sunflower Competition Winner– Weybridge In Bloom & Churchfields Allotments

Children’s (under 10’s) Sunflower Competition

Weybridge In Bloom & Weybridge Allotment Holders’ and Gardeners’ Association joined to organise a competition to grow the tallest sunflower in Weybridge!

Children were invited to participate in this new competition in May and collected seeds from the allotment shop and at the Meadow planting event.

The competition was won by 2 children who are friends at St James’ school. The height of their giant sunflowers were too close to separate, so they were declared joint winners!

For more information and to see photos of the prize winning sunflowers, please see the results page.

Litter Picking Volunteers - Weybridge In Bloom

Litter Picking Events

Despite the bad weather, we had a good turnout at Weybridge station for our Litter picking event on 20th July.

Thanks to all the volunteers, especially to our little helpers.

Read the report and view the photo gallery.

Meadow Planting Will Take Place in Churchfields Recreation Ground Weybridge

Meadow Planting Report & Photo Gallery

The Weybridge in Bloom team were out in force on the Sunday afternoon, 12th of May at Churchfield Recreation Ground to lay the wild flower meadow.

The meadow will be created with mix of seeds : Poppy, Cornflower, Corn Cockle and Corn Marigold.

Read the report and view the photo gallery.

WiB Plans and Request For Volunteers – 19th March 2019


WiB team would like to request for volunteers as part of the team and help us run the initiative in a more organised and professional manner.

We are looking for a support in the following areas

Someone who can can take care of all the publication and media related activities for WiB.

Someone who can help us in promoting the initiatives and help get sponsors and sponsorship money

Gardening Enthusiasts
People who are very passionate about gardening and take leadership in forming and running a “Gardening party”. They will be the ones who will decide on plants; grow saplings from seeds for planting , design flower beds and Identify the areas of concerns.


Here is the current schedule of activities planned in the next 9 months for which we require volunteers as above.

1. Sunflower competition in association with the Weybridge allotments

2. Spring – Meadow planting on 12th May

3. Summer – Litter picking

4. Autumn – Bulb Planting

Beautiful Roundabouts Project
The big project this year will be beautify the roundabouts at Weybridge station and outside Morrisons with support and permission of Elmbridge Borough Council and Surrey County Council.

I am very excited about these upcoming projects and would be eagerly awaiting your support for the above initiatives as well as for the volunteer roles above.

I look forward to hear from you.

Kind Regards

Charu Sood
(Organiser WiB)
07964 166 345

Plans & News Arising From Meeting – 2nd March 2019

Thanks to everyone who joined us at our inaugural meeting and official launch of Weybridge in Bloom. It was really pleasing to see so many of you and the energy you brought to the event. We really appreciate your inputs and will look forward to continue to work on your ideas that you put forth at the meeting. A few of the ideas are being shared here:

Suggestions for future events:

  • Saturday is a preferred day for planning action days.
  • Holding Weybridge Summer fayre, where kids can get involved and Weybridge allotment members can grow and sell their organic vegetables, fruits, jams and conserves.
  • Run Garden based competitions such as Sunflower competition (for the tallest flower) and growing in the glass house etc.
  • Work with Weybridge allotments to grow flower saplings from seeds for WiB to plant.
  • Litter clearing should involve rowing clubs and should not be planned on 8th & 9th June as there is Regatta planned on both days

Suggestions for WiB Coverage and Publicity

  • We should advertise and book a community stall for WiB in the Oatlands Village Fayre on 11th May 2019
  • Clarify that WiB project is for Brooklands, Weybridge & Oatlands
  • Green spaces Officer confirmed that the Green Infrastructure fund will be announced in summer

Suggestions for Places that can be potential sites for activities

  • Grotto road and Monument Green requires urgent attention. Will check with Elmbridge Borough Council.
  • Flower beds and flower displays in Church and listed buildings
  • Entry to Weybridge (should have flowers by the fence as it highways lands it requires permission)

Date for your Diary: 12th May 2109 – Meadow Planting
at Churchfield Recreation Ground, Weybridge.

Flowerbed Design Competition
It was good to meet the winners of the ‘Flowerbed design competition’ and see the winning designs. And a big thank you to Cllr Mrs. Mary Sheldon, Deputy Mayor of Elmbridge, who graced the occasion and gave out the prizes to our winners.
Note: Photos of the winners and their designs can be seen here.

 A Great Start
This is a start of a fabulous journey towards making a more greener, cleaner and brighter Weybridge and we will do our best to keep this engagement ongoing. So keep watching this space and feel free to reach out to us with your ideas and suggestions.

Kind Regards

Charu Sood
(Organiser WiB)

Bulb planting at the approach to Weybridge Town Centre - Weybridge In Bloom Event

2018 Bulb Planting Event A Great Success

“It truly was a great turnout of enthusiastic gardeners, despite the gloomy and mildly wet weather. Their effort are sure to bring a dash of colour to our Weybridge during Spring season.

The children also had a fun time planting bulbs with their parents and worked as a team. Many people who attended registered to volunteer with Weybridge In Bloom. All in all the event was a resounding success and the silver lining was the support provided by the Morrisons team as they opened their cafeteria for the volunteers for hot drinks.

The horticulturist from green spaces team of Elmbridge Borough Council had supported the initiative by advising and contributing their time and gardening tools. They generously supported and provided Daffodil Bulbs for planting. The 3,000 bulbs planted should make a fantastic display as you approach the town centre.”

Charu Sood – Weybridge In Bloom Organiser

Radio and Press

Some of the local coverage for this great local initiative. Our thanks to Brooklands Radio, a great local station that we at All About Weybridge can strongly recommend.

Brooklands Radio Interview - Presenter Graham Laycock talks to Charu Sood who has news of Weybridge in Bloom, a new initiative to make Weybridge a more attractive place to visit

Radio Woking Interview - Jon Andrew talks to Charu Sood about Weybridge in Bloom, including the bulb planting event and the launch meeting

Weybridge in Bloom press coverage in Surrey advertiser (click on +)
Weybridge In Bloom Press Release 2019 February

The First Weybridge in Bloom Group Meeting took place on Saturday 2nd March 2019

Venue Weybridge Library – First Floor

Time: 2:00 pm.


  1. Introducing the Committee Members
  2. Future Projects/ Plans
  3. Announcing winners for the Design the Flower Bed Competition
  4. Action Days
If you would like to join us, bring your gardening gloves and spade on 25th November 2018 at 10 am outside Morrisons, Weybridge at our very first bulb-planting event.
Weybridge in Bloom organiser Charu Sood
If you would like to join us, bring your gardening gloves and spade on 25th November 2018 at 10 am outside Morrisons, Weybridge at our very first bulb-planting event.

Contact Information


Charu Sood: 07964 166 345
Please mention the All About Weybridge website




“Hi Charu, it was great to see you at the recent Weybridge Town Business Group meeting and to hear about Weybridge in Bloom. WISE of Weybridge will be happy to support this. We are certain that the students at WISE will be happy to volunteer and get the chance to practice speaking English with their co-workers at the same time! We will communicate all the details to our students next week. Thank you. Liz Denham

Weybridge International School Of English

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