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Clothes, for what they’re worth

If you think your wardrobe is costing you the earth – you are probably right.

Almost everyone is aware of the devastating effects on the environment, of discarded plastic and the pollutants generated by its production.

Only recently is the spotlight being turned on the globally-damaging effects of clothing manufacture and our obsession with buying clothes.

Recent TV documentary Fashion’s Dirty Secret (BBC3) triggered headlines in the nationals – “Shoppers vow to ditch fast fashion” . . . after the show revealed an entire sea has been drained to desert by cotton production in Uzbekistan – just one example of the devastation wrought by clothes production globally.

Outdoor Fashion Princess Alice Hospice
An investigation is currently under way by the Commons Environmental Audit Committee, into ways in which the clothes industry – worth £28bn a year to the UK economy – can be made more sustainable.

Our almost insatiable appetite for new clothes – worn a few times and then discarded, can add to landfill if they are just binned. Add to this pollution, the release of toxic chemicals throughout the manufacturing process and the scourge of microscopic man-made fibres flushed into the water system when we wash our clothes.

Among the solutions which can help slow down the process of environmental damage, is to make the most of Princess Alice Hospice shops – for both donations of usable clothing, and for picking up items that have plenty of wear left in them.

People frequently donate top quality, hardly-worn items which can be picked up for a fraction of their original price.

We visited our Esher outlet to pick out a few outfits to show the way you can look nifty and be thrifty – and help the planet at the same time.

We also looked into how much those charity purchases could buy in terms of services provided by Princess Alice Hospice.

Cherie Noy, Deputy Director Retail Operations, said: “Canny clothes shoppers are realising the fantastic bargains to be had at Princess Alice Hospice shops.

“Thanks to our generous donors we can stock fabulous designer wear and accessories – and we price them keenly to appeal to people who love to look good without breaking the bank.”

“Not only does the Hospice benefit – but ultimately the environment as well.”

Party Fashion Princess Alice Hospice
Casual Fashion Princess Alice Hospice
Don’t forget to Gift Aid your donation if you can – this tax break means an extra 25p for every pound in the till.

Our ensembles comprised:

Outdoor practical: Pink bobble hat: £5; White Hawke jacket: £15; Pink M&S sweater: £6; River Island jeans: £6.95; Leopard print Zara wellies: £9. £41.95 (£155 new)
This would pay for just under two hours of care at home by an Enhanced Support Service Nurse

Chic and cheerful: Green sequinned LK Bennett dress: £59; Grey Carvela shoes: £10; Rodo clutch bag: £35; Stella & Dot necklace: £23.95; bangles from £3. £136.95 (£920 new)

This would pay for a visit to a patient at home by a Rapid Response Nurse; a session of physiotherapy at the Day Services and two family bereavement support sessions
Casual class: Black Lipsy jacket: £12; Short leather studded boots: £9; Mustard blouse: £8; black trousers: £7; black Zara bag: £9. £45 (£270 new)

This would pay for two bereavement support group sessions for a child, plus a year’s worth of art materials.

All three together: £223.90 (£1,345)