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At first, all I brought to the role was an enthusiasm for, and fascination about, motoring and aviation. I had little in the way of knowledge and skills. That did not matter because I very soon learned a great deal. Some learning was through structured training by Brooklands, much was informal, through talking with other volunteers. I have always found other volunteers to be very generous in sharing their knowledge and skills. I have also learned a surprising amount from visitors.


On retiring, I had more time available and got involved in other activities, This included some basic work on historic aircraft. I learned how to safely strip and prepare an aircraft for re-painting, including how to avoid causing damage to the fabric and to myself. I have now started an Aviation Heritage Skills course, run and funded for volunteers by Brooklands, opening up a whole new area of knowledge and skills, in my ‘Third Age’!

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My other roles have varied from car park marshalling on event days to providing Guided Tours for people ranging from aviation specialists, to a history society to a Women’s Institute group.

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This is just my view. Other volunteers do it for many different reasons and carry out many different roles, from library archiving to gardening. There is a role just for you.

You are welcome to call our Volunteer Manager, Sue Lewin for a chat about how you can get involved (contact details below).

I look forward to meeting you someday soon.

Peter Kearns, Volunteer, Brooklands Museum
16th May 2018.

Contact Volunteering at Brooklands Museum

Sue Lewin, Volunteer Manager

Please mention the All About Weybridge website

Telephone: 01932 857381, ext. 242


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