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Early learning classes for babies & toddlers. Pre-school classes in Oatlands Weybridge, Staines & Ottershaw
Baby Play & Sensory Classes in St. Mary's Oatlands, Weybridge, Egham Hythe, Staines and Riverside Arts Centre, Sunbury on Thames
Baby Sensory - Precious Early Learning For Babies - Classes in Oatlands Weybridge, Ottershaw & Staines

Baby Sensory Classes

Precious Early Learning for Babies aged from birth to 13 months old.

Experiences and activities designed to help your baby develop in every possible way, and a great way to meet other new parents. Early learning for babies in Weybridge.

Baby Sensory received the Gold Award accreditation with the Children’s Activities Association (CAA) – peace of mind for parents.

Classes in Oatlands Weybridge, Egham Hythe & Ottershaw. See below for class times and venue details.

Early Learning Classes For Babies - Award Nomination As Chosen by Parents

Precious Early Learning
for Babies aged from
Birth to 13 months old

“I was really nervous about joining a class as a new mummy, but felt at ease as soon as I met Becky. She creates such a relaxed, welcoming environment and the classes are different every week, full of creative and wonderful sounds, visuals and music. Even though each class is structured, if my daughter needed changing, feeding or just a cuddle to sleep, it was no problem at all, which made the class even more enjoyable as babies can be rather unpredictable 😊

Baby Sensory Weybridge is a fantastic class to join and I would highly recommend it to any mummy’s looking for something lovely and fun to do with their baby whilst on maternity leave.”


“We took part in Baby Sensory classes for nearly a year and have only stopped going because my son is too old. Tuesdays were the best day of our week, the classes are so engaging and exciting, with a variety of activities but some favourites that get repeated in different contexts.

We loved sensory class so much that they did my son’s first birthday party too, which was a huge success. We will miss our classes so much”

Anna Thomson

Benefits For Parents & Children From Baby Sensory Classes

Happy social play sets the tone for the acquisition of future skills such as cooperation, turn taking and sharing

Fun Movement Activities for the Development of Speech and Language


  • Sing and Sign
  • Baby Games
  • Action Rhymes
  • Puppets

Therapeutic Exercises to Enhance Physical Contact between You and Your Baby


  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Dance
  • Hug and Hold
  • Rocking
  • Cuddling
  • Whispering
  • Movement and Exercise

Simple Ideas to Stimulate the Senses in Different Ways


  • Magic Boxes
  • Colours
  • Bags and Baskets
  • Ribbons  
  • Developmental Games
  • Fabrics
  • Tickly Feathers
  • Lights
  • Instruments
  • Music
Movement and exercise, singing, rhymes and games at Baby Sensory Classes Oatlands Weybridge, Ottershaw and Staines Surrey
Developmental Games, Play with Fabrics, Tickly Feathers, Lights, Instruments & Music at Elmbridge Surrey Educational Classes for Babies

Baby Sensory Classes – Locations & Times

Baby Sensory classes are held at the following locations:
All classes taught by Becky Jackson.

Baby Sensory Classes
– Locations & Times

All classes taught by Becky Jackson. Baby Sensory Classes are held at the following locations:

Oatlands Weybridge on Fridays

Class times:
10am: 7-13 months
11.30am: 5-13 months
1pm: Birth to 7 months
2.30pm: Birth to 13 months

Church Hall of St. Mary Oatlands
Oatlands Avenue,
KT13 9TS

Egham on Tuesdays

Class Times:
10am: 7-13 months
11.30am: 5-13 months
1pm: Birth to 7 months

St Pauls Church Hall
St Pauls Road,
Egham Hythe
TW18 3HJ

Ottershaw on Wednesdays

Class times:
10am: 7-13 months
11.30am: 5-13 months
1pm: Birth to 7 months

Brook Hall
Ottershaw Village Hall
Brox Road,
KT16 0HL

Baby Sensory Classes in Oatlands Weybridge - Bubbles, Imagination, Toys, Activities, Fun
Baby Sensory Learning in Oatlands Weybridge Surrey - Songs, Friendship, Development, Play, Toys

Baby Sensory Parties

Ask us about our Baby Sensory Birthday Parties. Make your little one’s special day even more special with a Baby Sensory party – all your favourite Baby Sensory activities just for you and your little ones!

Birthday Parties for Babies & Toddlers in Weybridge Surrey
Baby Sensory birthday parties - Cakes food fun play & activities for child's party

Joining Baby Sensory Classes

Baby Sensory classes are run in throughout the year and are for babies newborn to 13 months.
You can join a term at any time if there are places still available.
Early booking is advisable as the classes are very popular.

Details of times and locations are above and can also be found on our website (see below).

Baby Sensory

Educational & Fun for Babies and their Parents!

Baby Sensory

I’d thoroughly, thoroughly recommend it to anyone.”

Contact Baby Sensory

Baby Sensory - Precious Early Learning For Babies - Classes in Oatlands Weybridge, Ottershaw & Staines
For more information or to book a class, please contact Becky Jackson (Baby Sensory Weybridge Coordinator)


07976 736407

Please mention the All About Weybridge website when you contact Becky at Baby Sensory