Weybridge Youth Club Reopened – In The Hands Of The Community

Weybridge Youth Club - Kids playing pool
Weybridge Youth Club - children painting
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Weybridge Community Gem Reopens

Longstanding and once vibrant Weybridge youth club is back in the hands of the local community and reopened in November 2019 to young people aged 13-17 living in the local area.

The club is fully kitted out and will be offering a wide range of activities such as pool, music, sports and a variety of other sessions guaranteed to bring interest and excitement to club nights.

Youth Club Address

Portmore Way
Surrey KT13 8JD

Weybridge Youth Club Reopens -Surrey Clubs for Young People

Opening Times & Price

Weybridge Youth Club will be open from 6.45pm – 8.45pm every Friday night at the cost of just £1.00 a week.

Food & Drinks

The youth club also has a tuck shop providing soft drinks, healthy food and some favourite treats.

Weybridge Youth Club - Surrey Youth Clubs Football

Photo Gallery

See gallery below the volunteers section for more photos showing a typical range of activities at our youth clubs.

Request For Volunteers at Weybridge Youth Club

Surrey Clubs for Young People (SCYP) has been providing support to get the club open for business. However, SCYP is hoping to find more members of the local community to volunteer at the club;

“Whilst we provide youth workers at the club and a safe place for young people to meet, we need volunteers to provide positive role models. If we want young people to become active and giving members of their communities, it is up to those communities to show them how.” Says Joyce Quinell, SCYP Chief Officer.

Club organisers hope that the club can reengage with the wider community whist providing a place for young people to chill out with friends and have access to exciting and challenging opportunities that will support them to develop into active and confident young adults.

SCYP provides friendly and engaging volunteer training through a supported process and welcomes the opportunity to chat with people who may want to volunteer. 

Contact Info for Volunteers at Weybridge Youth Club

Get in touch with Matthew at Surrey Clubs for Young People (SCYP), on 07899 727 080 or by email at volunteering@scyp.co.uk. Please mention the All About Weybridge website.

About Surrey Clubs For Young People

Established as a charity in 1947, We are the largest voluntary sector non-uniformed deliverer of youth work in Surrey with a long history of engaging disadvantaged and vulnerable young people at risk of social exclusion.

We support & run youth clubs throughout Surrey and the South London Boroughs, engaging with communities where there is a need for positive youth activities.

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