Weybridge Town Business Group – November 2018 Meeting

Weybridge Town Business Group Meeting at Weybridge Internatioanal School Of English Baker Street - Planning Christmas Market Event
Weybridge Town Business Group Meeting - Planning Weybridge Christmas Event
Weybridge Town Business Group Meeting - Planning Community Events
Business Group Meeting - Christmas Lights and Membership Campaigns
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Notice of Weybridge Town Business Group Meeting to be held at Waitrose on Wednesday 7th November 2018  

Weybridge Town Business Group - WTBG


1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Christmas Trees and Lights switch on in the town

3. Christmas Market 1st December & Baker Street closure

4. Weybridge Streetscape scheme update

5. Councillors Update

6. Weybridge Dementia Action Alliance

7. Financial Update

8. Any Other Business


New Members Welcome

Bring a friend and sign them up to the business group!

Paul Povey (Chairman)


Where & When

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 7th November 2018 and will be held at Waitrose & Partners in Weybridge.

Start time is 6pm and we usually finish by 7.30pm.

Please make yourself known to the Welcome Desk team on your arrival and parking is available in the car park.

Address for Meeting
62 High Street,
KT13 8BL

Our Last Event – Merry Christmas Weybridge

Radio Programme & Video
Highlights from the Weybridge Christmas Market including The Children’s Lantern Parade and Celebrity Christmas Tree Lights Switch On.
Click on the play button above to listen to the programme by Brooklands Radio, presented by Alan Bosson, James Pearce and James Harvey.
All About Weybridge can recommend listening to Brooklands Radio

Also see the video below produced by Elmbridge BC, by clicking on the play button.

“Thanks to Angel C Grant who crowd-funded for improved lights and decorated the tree with amazing personalised baubles for those who had requested one. My kids absolutely love searching for their bauble as we walk past – such a lovely touch!”
Daisy Huntington

On Twitter

Publicity Page
Saturday 2nd December 2017
11am – 6pm
Baker Street
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!
Artisan Food & Craft Market
Children’s Lantern Parade
Christmas Tree Lights Switch On
Choirs, Hog Roast, Mulled Wine, Mince Pies
Brooklands Radio

For more information click on the market image


Last Meeting (October 2018)

At Our meeting in October we discussed the following.

1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Christmas Event Saturday 1st December 2018

3. Parking Review Update

4. Dementia Friendly Community Update

5. Update from Councillors – Weybridge Town Meeting Monday 15th October

6. Weybridge Streetscape Scheme – Entering Planning stage

7. Sponsorship and Membership/Financial update

8. Aims and What do Weybridge Businesses need

9. Any Other Business

Meeting Notes 

  1. We had 14 attendees and apologies from 6
  2. We discussed the Christmas event being held in Baker Street on Saturday 1st December . We have applied for the closure of Baker Street from 11am to 8pm, with the market being held from 1pm to 6pm. We have 30 fantastic stalls with Choirs and a Children’s Lantern parade.
  3. The Lights switch on will be at 4.45pm and it will be a great event that we hope all will be able to come too and enjoy.
  4. We discussed the Parking review and were given some helpful guidance from our councillors.
  5. The Weybridge Dementia Action Alliance creating a Dementia friendly community is growing.
  6. We encouraged all to attend one of the two Town meetings being held, or both on The 11th and 15th October. They are great opportunities to hear about our towns progress and share views.The Brooklands accessibility scheme was discussed.
  7. The Weybridge Streetscape scheme is almost ready to go as we enter the final planning phase.
  8. We updated the meeting on finances. We have funds just under 2000 pounds, but with the challenge of providing Christmas lights and trees at around £3,000/£5,000 any sponsorship is welcome and key.
  9. We discussed what Weybridge needs and a Loyalty scheme with discounts in local businesses was put forward and we will examine in the new year as well as meet with the successful exponents in Cobham.

More Information About Weybridge Town Business Group

Can be found on the detailed page for Weybridge Town Business Group.