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Cancer Charity, A Need For Change Charity, based in Weybridge Surrey

About The Charity – Cancer, A Need For Change (CANFC)


The advancement of scientific and medical education in topics related to cancer and non-pharmaceutical treatments including the effect that neurological processes (thoughts and beliefs) have on cancer for the benefit of the public through medical research into the nature, causes, diagnosis, prevention treatment and cure of all forms of cancer, including the development of findings of research into practical applications for the prevention, treatment and cure of cancer.

‘Non-pharmaceutical’ means natural, non-synthetic or non-chemical treatments.


Gillian Harvey-Bush was prompted to found CANFC because of:

  • the lack of proper research and reliable information about approaches to cancer treatment other than the mainstream medical ones
  • the overwhelmingly negative image and fear of cancer
  • the surprising lack of knowledge among the public and even in the medical profession about important factors such as diet in relation to cancer and other chronic diseases

Research Projects

CANFC actively seeks to support/fund projects that meet its objectives.
In 2016/17 our focus will be on funding research into psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) in relation to cancer.
Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) studies the interaction between the brain and the immune system. We believe this to be a highly significant field of study in relation to cancer and other diseases and therefore we invite applications from individuals or groups seeking funding in this research area.


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ContactGillian Harvey-Bush

Phone: 01932 423815 Please mention the All About Weybridge website

Email: info@canfc.org 

More Info

For more information or to make a donation, please visit the charity’s website

Website: www.canfc.org 

Registered Charity Number 1163761