Weybridge Streetscape Project 

Weybridge Streetscape Scheme

Update: 28 May 2020

Following supply issues for some of the paving, kerbing and channel caused by the current pandemic the contractor is now proceeding with the final elements to completion in terms of the shared area (on-street parking) and the replacement for the temporary channel and kerbing that were installed to allow the paving to be built out and open up the majority of the site to the public. The contractor is aiming to be back onsite for the 1 June with a target completion date of the 15 June.

Doug Perkins
Economic Development Officer
Elmbridge Borough Council

Tel: 01372 474 176
Email: dperkins@elmbridge.gov.uk

Elmbridge Borough Council

Elmbridge Borough Council is undertaking works over the next 10 weeks to create a new flexible shared space on the high street in Weybridge.

The streetscape improvements will see new paving, street furniture, decluttering and a flexible shared space that both retains on-street parking while giving the town the option to deliver new events and markets.

The funding for the project which was developed in partnership with the Weybridge Town Business Group has been provided by the council’s local Weybridge Community Infrastructure Levy.

Weybridge Streetscape Scheme - Paul Povey of Weybridge Town Business Group and Cllr Elmer fom Elmbridge Borough Council
Weybridge Town Business Group

Cllr Christine Elmer, Portfolio Holder for Corporate and Community Development said,

“The Weybridge streetscape project is another example of our commitment to our high streets. This significant investment in Weybridge will lift the high street and support new footfall into the town.”

“2020 is going to be an exciting year for Weybridge with improvements in the town centre and a further £2.86m investment in the town to improve sustainable transport options between Brooklands Business Park, Weybridge Station and the town centre.”

Weybridge Town Business Group

Paul Povey, Chairman of the Weybridge Town Business Group said

“We welcome the Elmbridge Borough Council investment in Weybridge. The streetscape project is a fantastic opportunity for us to continue our work in partnership with the council to make sure our town centre continues to thrive.

“We look forward to making use of the new flexible space with events and markets planned for residents and visitors and would encourage everyone to shop local and discover the great local range of businesses on our doorstep.”

Photos: Paul Povey (Weybridge Town Business Group Chairman) and Cllr Christine Elmer (Elmbridge Borough Council). Also in top photo Mike McTeague (site foreman).
Weybridge Streetscape Scheme Plans - Waitrose end
Proposals for Streetscape Section up to 62 High Street (click +)
01 Unified paving surface – natural stone
02 Car parking bays – 6 standard bays, 2 disabled bays
03 Overall number of trees retained – but current trees replaced with
semi mature trees
04 Seating and cycle stands with a contemporary style
05 Feature wall – art wall

About The Project: Weybridge Streetscape Improvements

42 – 62 High Street
A new flexible space for Weybridge

Elmbridge Borough has worked hard over the past two years to help the Weybridge Town Business Group to develop a co-ordinated programme of events, environmental improvements and community initiatives to support the vitality and viability of the town centre.

The next steps in supporting the high street in Weybridge will see improvements to the pavements from Elmgrove Road to Ship Yard (42 – 62 High Street), as the council delivers updates to the streetscape that have been funded by the Elmbridge Local Community Infrastructure Levy.

The redesign and resurfacing of the high street pedestrian area will create a flexible shared space that retains on-street parking and provides an outdoor space for markets and performances that can help enhance community life and bring more footfall into town.

Key features of the Weybridge Streetscape Scheme:

  • Declutter and open up the high street
  • Resurface and extend the pavement
  • Retain on-street parking
  • Offer a flexible events space
  • Respect the conservation areas

Retain the same number of trees but replace with semi-mature trees (please see the FAQs, below, for background).

Weybridge Streetscape Scheme - Walkway Access for works in progress

The Weybridge Streetscape Proposals can be viewed in the plan images on this page, which include a materials palette. 

Weybridge Streetscape Scheme Plans
Proposals for Streetscape Section from 42 High Street (click +)
01 Unified paving surface – natural stone
02 Performance space – resin bound surface
03 Seating with a contemporary style

Overall number of trees retained – but current trees replaced with semi mature trees

Weybridge Streetscape Scheme Materials
Weybridge Streetscape Scheme Materials
Weybridge Streetscape Scheme - Market Setup
Example of flexible use of parking bays with a temporary suspension to allow markets and events (click +)
01 Unified paving surface – natural stone
02 Market area – (parking bays suspended on event days)
03 Overall number of trees retained – but current trees replaced with semi mature trees
04 Seating and cycle stands with a contemporary style
05 Feature wall – art wall
06 Removable bollards

Frequently Asked Questions
As residents or businesses ask questions about the project, Elmbridge Borough Council have added a Frequently Asked Questions log.

Here are the FAQs as at 28th January 2020

Q: Will pedestrian access to the businesses be maintained during the works?
A: Access to the businesses for pedestrians will be maintained during their regular
opening hours throughout the 12 weeks of the works.

Q: Will improvements include places to sit outside the shops?
A: Yes – there will be seating available at either end of the streetscape

Q: How long will the works last?
A: The proposed streetscape works are underway from 13 January 2020 with the improvements due for completion in April 2020.

Q: Will the current number of trees be maintained by the works?
A: The current tree roots are pushing up the pavements resulting in uneven surfaces and causing accessibility issues for pedestrians. The proposed works will seek to retain the overall current number of trees but replace existing trees with new semimature trees within appropriate tree pits.

More Questions
The document will be updated as the project progresses – Please see the FAQ log on the Elmbridge BC website for any questions.

If your query is not referenced please email business@elmbridge.gov.uk and they will update with more information and add to the FAQ document.


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