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Racing Double Sculls at Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club Walton Lane
Friendly Ladies Rowing Club in Weybridge Surrey Welcomes New Members
Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club - Clubhouse in Walton Lane


Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club is a friendly all female rowing club located at the start of the tow path in Weybridge.

Welcoming all ages and abilities the club has been serving the ladies of Weybridge and further afield since 1926.


  • We have a superb fleet of boats, suitable for women.
  • Gym equipment including nine rowing machines.
  • Qualified Coaches.

New Members Welcome

We always welcome new members, whether complete novices, or those who have rowed before. Just pop down to the club to have a chat with one of our members or contact us via the details below.

We offer a racing programme for those who wish to compete or recreational options for those who wish to enjoy their rowing without the competitions.

Post race at Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club Elmbridge
Training Session - Having fun at Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club


In 1926 Amy Gentry started Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club, which is situated on a bustling part of the river Thames where it crosses the river Wey and the Wey navigation canal. The reason for starting a women only club was to ensure there was plenty of equipment available for female rowers and coaching time to support women’s style of rowing. This is an ethos of the club that has been maintained throughout the years and is still true today.

For her whole adult life Amy played a central role in establishing women’s rowing, both in Britain and internationally at the Olympics. Amy died just two weeks before a Weybridge Ladies coxed Four competed at the 1976 Montreal Olympics – the first Olympics in which female rowers were allowed to compete. Being the pioneer of promoting women’s rowing is a heritage we carry with great pride, Amy’s passion and spirit for the sport lives on in our club.

Today Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club (WLARC) is committed to offering all members the opportunity to take part in rowing, and if desired, to compete at the highest level appropriate to their ability and stage of development. An aspiration of the club is to offer a wide range of opportunities to meet the competitive, recreational and social needs of all members and encourage an ethic of cooperation and physical fitness within a team culture.

TRY Days

Contact us for upcoming TRY Days in 2017.
Our next TRY Day of the year will be on Saturday 10th June between 9am – 2pm.

They are open to women (age 18+). No previous rowing experience necessary.

We cover technique on and off the water and water safety.  You will also take part in two sessions on the water with qualified coaches.

The cost is £50 and places are limited so email us to reserve your place.

Contact details are below, including the WLARC website for further information.

Night Rowing! - Fun at Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club WLARC Surrey

Come & Give
Rowing a 

“I love this stretch of water and it’s brilliant having so many great girls to row with. I learned to row at WLARC and am overwhelmed with the support I have been given. I am so grateful for the time that has been invested in me in terms of coaching. It’s very impressive!”

WLARC Member

“WLARC is a great club with a friendly atmosphere and welcoming from the minute I sent my enquiring email. It’s a lovely location on a great stretch of river. Support is offered all round to racers, recreational rowers and novices…Extremely supportive.”

WLARC Member


The Pioneer In Promoting Women’s Rowing


We Inspire Women Across The Community From Absolute Beginner To Successful Racer

What We Offer

At WLARC we have a broad range of rowing experiences to suit everyone’s needs, with easy access to one of the most beautiful stretches of the River Thames.

We offer coaching that ranges from encouraging skilful and experienced rowers, through to Try Days for anyone who wants to experience rowing for the first time. There are recreational rowing sessions, opportunities for joining a racing crew  and excellent fitness training throughout winter.  

WLARC has appropriate boats and equipment set up for and maintained by female rowers. Our club also has a thriving social side.

Race Success after Regatta at Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club Elmbridge

Recreational Rowing

Including weekends away, tours in the UK and abroad. At WLARC we are an inclusive club and have members of all ages engaged in recreational rowing.

There is no pressure to join a race crew if you can’t commit the time. We have many members who row with us to stay fit and flexible, who experience the mental and physical benefits of being outdoors and on the water enjoying the company of friendly, like-minded women.


Coaching From Qualified Female Staff

At  WLARC we are  incredibly proud of our coaches and the training they deliver for members. All of which is included in the membership fee.

If you are a beginner you will be invited to join a team of other rowers of similar ability. Many of our members started with us via our Try Days and have developed into very competent technical rowers at WLARC – many have also progressed into our racing crews.


Year Round Training For All Levels

Including land and circuit training in winter months. The sessions are structured in a way that accommodates any level of fitness.


Great Fun!

WLARC is, for many of our members, not just about being part of a rowing club offering great rowing experiences in a lovely location. It’s also about meeting with like-minded women.

Many of our members have found new friends via the club, support each other in other aspects of life and meet socially outside of the rowing club. 


Competitive Rowing

WLARC racing crews have the opportunity to enter a number of races ranging from smaller local regattas in the summer, to the more reputed and prestigious national long distance headraces in the winter.

We also host our own regatta in June every year


Recruiting New Members


Passion, Support, Inclusion & Dedication

Contact WLARC

Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club - Clubhouse in Walton Lane
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