The Other Side of Hope – Movie Coming To Walton & Weybridge Film Society

The Other Side Of Hope - Movie Coming To Walton & Weybridge Film Society
The Other Side Of Hope - Movie Coming To Walton & Weybridge Film Society

Wednesday April 24th 2019: 8pm
The Other Side of Hope

Director: Aki Kaurismäki, Finland, 2017, 98 minutes, Finnish, English, Arabic. Leading players: Sherwan Haji (Khaled Ali), Sakari Kuosmanen (Waldemar Wikström)

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A travelling salesman winds up his marriage and his business, wins at poker and buys a struggling restaurant.

He offers a job to a Syrian refugee whose asylum claim has been refused, and helps him to smuggle his sister out of Lithuania to join him.

Kaurismäki’s film offers an appealing blend of dry humour, drama and empathy.

Film Synopsis

SET in Helsinki, this film’s atmosphere and colour palette are predominantly dour ‘Nordic noir’. This is familiar to us now perhaps after the Swedish/Danish TV series ‘The Killing’ and The Bridge’, but Kaurismäki adds a great deal more wry humour, a touch of sarcasm and occasional laugh-out-loud comedy.

The plight of Syrian and Iranian refugees is at the centre of the story, intertwined with Waldemar’s own comedy-inducing efforts to escape his former life by buying and improving a failing restaurant.

His staff at first resist his attempts to attract more custom, but gradually they knit together and assist him when he gives a hiding place and a job to Khaled, whose asylum claim has been refused.

Kaurismäki shows Khaled emerging from stowing away, his anxiety after being separated from his sister during their flight from Syria, and the mixture of helpfulness and hostility he encounters in the people he meets, allowing us to see it all through a refugee’s eyes.

Human kindness helps him to play the system and wins out in the end.. or does it?


Walton and Weybridge Film Society - Movies at Cecil Hepworth Playhouse

Film Notes

The film won Kaurismäki a Silver Bear for Best Film Director in Berlin, and Sherwan Haji gained Best Actor in the Dublin International Film Festival.

The International Federation of Film Critics voted it Best Film of 2016-17.

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Programme of Movies at Walton and Weybridge Film Society

April Movie – The Other Side of Hope
At The Cecil Hepworth Playhouse
Walton On Thames

Event Times & Venue

Date: Wednesday 24th April 2019
Start Time: 8pm.

Address: The Performance Hall,
The Cecil Hepworth Playhouse,
Hurst Grove,
Surrey KT12 1AT

Note: Hurst Grove is off Hepworth Way (A3050)

Parking: On-site parking is extremely limited and patrons are directed, unless mobility is very restricted (places available only on a first-come, first-served basis), to use the ample free facilities behind Little Waitrose, which is a short way further along Hepworth Way.

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