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Career coaching gives you the confidence and the skills to make your career change, large or small, without risking your financial security, your friends and family, or your peace of mind.

About Natalie Ekberg

Due to the developments in my life I have become an expert in change, and not just in my career coaching work with international companies. Over the past 15 years, I’ve made five radical life changes, each involving a major move to a new country, each requiring that I dismantle and recreate my own career.

As a result, I have become experienced in navigating major life changes with ease, freedom from worry and with a sense of excitement.

I can help you achieve the same sense of confidence and security in your own career move. I have guided many international businessmen and women who face this situation – perhaps you are one of them.

Member of Association for NLP, International Coaching Federation, Association for Coaching & Winslow Certified Coach

Natalie LB Career Coach Weybridge Surrey

As your Career Transition Coach, I can help you to:

Identify career related dreams, goals and objectives you may have suppressed for years

Increase your self-belief in making positive decisions, and restore your ability to create the future you want

Create a career transition plan that is smart, specific – and realistic

Get the support, perspective and insight you need from an experienced business coach, when you need it most

Build your personal strength, inner confidence, with practical tools and resources to guide you through any change or challenge

Gain practical advice regarding opening your new business or getting a job in a different field

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Career Coaching Products

1 Hour Intense Career Coaching Session – If you have any pressing issue or a decision to make, this is a perfect opportunity to benefit from 1 on 1 professional coaching intervention, so you can gain clarity to go ahead and make it happen!

6x 1 Hour Career Coaching Sessions – If you need a career shift and are ready to change your life, choose this package of six coaching sessions for the price of five. At the end of the sessions, you will have a clear picture of your future direction, a full action plan of steps to take, and more importantly, you will believe in your own capabilities and a successful outcome of the whole process.

6x 30 Minutes Career Coaching Sessions – If you are pressed for time, this professional coaching package is fast paced, interactive and fun! In these intensive sessions, we focus on each step of the career change process: gaining the clarity, identifying the need for new skills, working on a new mind-set, removing the limiting beliefs, organising your environment, setting up the action plan.

Up-grade Your Linkedin Profile – If you are serious about your career change, your presence on Linkedin is extremely important. I can work with you on upgrading your profile so that it reflects the professional that you are!

Improve Your CV To Perfection – Perhaps you have not changed a job for a long time or perhaps you just feel it is time to give your CV a good old make-over! If this is the case, I can help you to improve your CV to perfection and raise your chances of getting the job you want!

“I appreciated to work with Natalie as my coach for her ability to understand true personal drivers. She supports you with endless energy to continue to build on your strengths step by step.

Although always professional, she presented deep personal interest and engagement during what was not always an easy period of career change.”

Martin Aringer

Europe Brand Leader, Novartis Oncology - Milan, Italy

“Natalie supported me through a professional and personal turning point. Her insightful and empathic style accessed, and reflected, my conscience and inner desires to perfection.

She consistently fine-tuned my ramblings to quickly reach the heart of the matter and gently, yet firmly, stayed by my side as I reached the decisions I’d long to make but, until that point, had dared not to consider.

I have a whole new landscape of opportunities in front of me now thanks to my coaching sessions with Natalie.”

Helen Cresswell

Partner, Talent Solutions - UK

“Natalie’s clear, positive and objective support of decisions I want to make, is so reinforcing for career changes. After a session with Natalie, I feel anything, and everything, I want to do is possible.

What better feeling can there be after a session with a coach ? Thank you so much , Natalie. !!”

Susanne Humpert

Owner, PDA, Lda - Cascais, Portugal

“Having worked with Natalie over the past few months, I have not only seen my business increase rapidly, but I have also seen my confidence as a business person increase dramatically.

Natalie approaches coaching with a contagious sense of adventure for tackling the unknown. She, in turn, gave me the courage to look to my intuition as a guidebook for creating the life I had been longing to create for myself.

Natalie drove me to clarify my goals and she also helped me capitalize on my strengths in order to mitigate my weaknesses. It is with the highest confidence that I recommend Natalie and LB Coaching!”

Erin Kelly Phillips

Presence and Self-Expression Coach - Los Angeles, USA

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