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Live Yoga is located in Surrey (Weybridge, Cobham, Chertsey and surrounding areas) with Yoga Alliance 200 hour certified teacher Lindsey Brown.

Live Yoga not only offers several styles of yoga which focus on toning and strengthening the body and increasing flexibility, but encourages a positive state of mental and physical wellbeing.

Yoga Classes Surrey

Ashtanga Yoga (modified)

A specialised sequence of asanas (postures) and breathing techniques which detoxify the muscles and organs leaving you with a strong body and calm mind.

A strong, physical practice.

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Private Yoga Classes

Tailored to meet your needs (or a small group of 2 or 3) at a time that fits your lifestyle. Encouraged to develop at your own pace, the class can be aimed at particular aspects of the practice, a niggling ailment that yoga can relieve or simply strengthening the body and using the breath to calm and soothe the mind.

Vinyasa Flow in Ashtanga style

Linking movement with the breath in a random sequence of moves designed to lift energy and vitality.

A dynamic style of yoga that challenges the body yet promotes inner peace.

Yoga for Teenagers in Ashtanga style

This practice encourages you to develop a positive awareness of your body through the asanas, partner work and breathing techniques which enable you to deal calmly with the day to day stresses life throws at you.

Why I Practice Yoga:

“For me, practicing yoga feels right. It keeps me fit and well balanced, emotionally and physically.

Through the practice of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow my body feels stronger and more supple, and a calmer mind helps me to deal with the ups and downs of being a Mum.

There is a beautiful philosophy behind yoga that can be applied to our daily lives, and I find that simply being on the mat and practicing the asanas (postures) brings calmness, positivity and energy into my life.

Through my teaching I’d like to inspire others to discover yoga, encourage you to develop your own practice and push past any boundaries you feel you have.”

Lindsey Brown, Live Yoga

Yoga Classes Egham Weybridge Woking Addlestone Brooklands Godalming Cobham
Live Yoga Classes Surrey

Location of Live Yoga Classes

Group classes are currently run in Cobham and Chertsey,

Private classes are available in the privacy of your own home.

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