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General & Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics & Hygiene Spa

Based in Weybridge, WeLoveTeeth offers gentle dental care for the whole family at convenient times to suit our patients ­ we are even open on Saturdays!

As well as the usual range of general dental treatments, we offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments including teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, bridges and clear braces.

WeLoveTeeth offers fantastic value for money, with clear pricing on all our dental treatments and a patient membership scheme which can help you spread the cost. And the quality of our work is so high that it comes with a guarantee of up to 5 years.

New Patients

We always welcome new patients to our practice and joining is easy! We are also offering free dental examinations to children if a parent is registered at the practice.

To join, please get in touch with our reception team.

Hygiene Spa

Hygiene appointments start at just £41 which is a small price to pay for whiter teeth, a healthy mouth and quite possibly a longer life.

We can also offer The Airflow Crystal White system which uses air and micro­crystals to remove plaque and stain without causing any damage to the surface of your teeth.

No sharp instruments are required making it perhaps the most relaxing way of preventing periodontal (gum) disease.

Dr Paula Brennan Principal Dentist
Dental Surgery Weybridge Surrey

Orthodontics and Invisalign

If the only reason you are living with crooked teeth is the thought of wearing a brace, then Invisalign could be the answer.

Impressions of your teeth and gums are scanned, then a sophisticated computer model helps us design a series of clear aligners.

Over time these gradually reposition each tooth into the smile you’ve been dreaming off.

They are almost invisible and can be taken out at any time.

We also offer traditional best value braces with brackets which are surprisingly small.

You will benefit from our low­friction system which minimises discomfort as well as shortening treatment time.

Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, then dental implants may be the answer and with proper care a dental implant should last a lifetime.

A dental implant is like growing a new tooth and we offer payment plans to help spread the payments.

Hygienist Braces Fillings Veneers Weybridge Surrey

Pain Relief – Needle-free!

We understand that fear of pain stops many people visiting the dentist which is why we have developed a number of ways to help. The most important is our dentist’s incredible skill and gentle touch but we also rely on the latest technology such as the Injex needle­free anaesthetic.

Injex is a revolutionary way of delivering anaesthetic and works by sending an ultra fine jet of medication (much smaller than a needle) directly into the gum using compressed air. The anaesthetic follows the path of least resistance which avoids any damage to blood vessels or nerve fibres.

Most people hate needles and up to 10% have a recognised phobia of them. Thanks to Injex that needn’t stop you receiving the dental care you need. Our dental laser also allows fillings to be performed without resorting to a dental drill. This gets rid of the noise everyone hates and reduces the friction caused by a traditional dental drill. It’s this friction which can sometimes lead to pain.

Dental Treatments Weybridge Surrey

Membership Plan and 0% Finance

Starting at just £11.95 / month, our membership plans allow you to keep your mouth healthy and the cost down.

Plans include a set number of checkups and hygiene appointments each year as well as free checkups for children.

Every Member enjoys discounts on treatment and Saturday Check­ups at no extra charge.

We also offer our patients 0% finance which allows you to spread the cost of paying for more complex treatment. Please refer to our website for full details.

Patient Testimonials

“Paula has managed to do the impossible through her humour, patience, skill and experience and I now have regular visits without the prior sleepless nights and palpitations!

I can’t thank her enough and I would definitely recommend her to anyone, particularly those of a nervous disposition!”

Helen Lo

WeLoveTeeth Patient

Dental Health Weybridge Surrey
“From the first phone call I made, we have been treated with professionalism and kindness.

The moment we walked through the door the atmosphere was relaxing and the attention to detail impressive.

Dr Brennan and her team gave us excellent care.”

Claire Abbott

WeLoveTeeth Patient

Beauty Treatment Room
“I needed extensive dental restoration when I first visited WeLoveTeeth. Dr Paula Brennan is a fantastic dentist and discussed everything in detail with me regarding my dental plan before commencing treatment.

The treatment has been carried out with the utmost care and professionalism.”

Wendy Walker

WeLoveTeeth Patient

Relaxed Waiting Area Dentists
“Definitely not the drilling, pain and dread that I grow up with. I recently had veneer treatment and now would not go back to my previous dentist as the wave experience is so much nicer.

The facilities are beautifully designed with a spa-like feel and a sense of well-being and calm with aromatic candles and cool aqua coloured interiors.”

Rachel Hall

WeLoveTeeth Patient

Dentist in Weybridge Surrey
Gentle care. Great value. Guaranteed.

A fresh approach to dentistry for your whole family!

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