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Overtones Massage Therapy

Skilled Remedial, Sports & Pregnancy Massage Therapist with over 15 years experience.

Fully qualified to treat muscular injury & pain.

Benefiting everyone from professional athletes to office workers including mothers to be.

Only using natural oils & waxes, with organic oil for pregnant clients. No unnatural chemicals used.

Based in Weybridge, serving Elmbridge, North Surrey and surrounding areas.

Registered Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council.
CNHC Registered Massage
FHT Registered Member
Massage Therapist Nicola Reed Weybridge Elmbridge Surrey

Nicola Reed M.H.F.S.T

I completed my basic massage course in 1995 at Peterborough Regional College and then went on to complete a sports massage course at Stamford College in Lincolnshire.

After this I went on to complete the Football Association basic and intermediate treatment to injury courses and various independent courses including ultrasound, advanced sports therapy and bio-mechanics.

I also spent a few years teaching Sports Massage at Peterborough Regional College from 1996 and I have mentored many students over the following years.

I ran my own sports massage and therapy clinic in Cambridgeshire for 15 years and have now relocated to Weybridge in Surrey where I am continuing to build a strong client base.

Deep & Relaxing Massage Therapy

I specialise in providing a surprisingly deep massage treatment for one so slight in frame.

My massage may be deep but it is also performed very slowly and gently in order for the patient to be able to relax into the treatment.

Sports Remedial Massage Weybridge Surrey
Remedial Sports Pregnancy Massage Therapy Weybridge Elmbridge

Treatment Of Muscle Pain & Tension

I am very adept at treating muscle pain and tension in the arms, legs and chest and have regularly treated patients from the local athletics club to help them keep relaxed and pain free.

Treatment Of Postural Problems

My speciality includes treatment of postural problems that cause back, neck and shoulder pain and in assessing problems arising from poor posture.

With just a few treatments patients who have suffered long term pain in these areas find that their symptoms are greatly reduced or have disappeared altogether.

Overtones Massage Weybridge Elmbridge Surrey
Pregnancy Massage Therapist Weybridge Surrey

Pregnancy Massage

I consider pregnancy to be one of the most amazing and challenging things that a woman can go through.

To be able to relieve some of her discomfort, to ease any anxiety she may feel about the impending birth is very satisfying for me.

A woman’s body goes through many changes during the 40 weeks of pregnancy and massage can be very beneficial in easing many of these discomforts

Whatever the woman is experiencing the joy and sadness, the ups and downs, the good and bad, therapeutic massage is an important positive component of how she deals with the emotional and physical changes associated with pregnancy.

Massage can even help with insomnia and the stress of the impending birth, by relaxing the mother and helping her to feel cared for and nourished.

Sports Massage To Elite Levels

I have regularly treated a national Karate champion and a commonwealth gymnastic champion.


“I suffered a serious ankle injury that required surgery and a long recovery period.

Nicola supported this – she worked with me and my physio plan.

Enabling better mobilisation and I believe a quicker recovery.

I am now running up to 10k again and firmly believe without her support my recovery would have been much longer and not as well maintained.”


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