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Stage Coach Weybridge - Kids Performing Arts Classes at Heathside School

Stagecoach Weybridge

Singing, Dance & Drama – At Stagecoach Weybridge, we teach children and teenagers how to sing, dance and act, not only to perform on stage and beyond, but more importantly to perform better in life.

For over 30 years we have seen young people gain confidence, stretch themselves, and build essential life skills while learning the tools to sing, dance and act and most importantly have fun!

Classes For All Abilities

Suitable for ALL abilities, Stagecoach offers the chance for kids to pursue a career in the arts or simply just to learn some new skills to share with friends and family.

Stagecoach Early Stages

For Children aged 4-6: Children are never too young to start gaining skills for life.

Early Stages is the ideal introduction to Stagecoach theatre schools; singing and acting, dancing, drama and much more.
Suitable for young children between the ages of 4 and 6, our stage school classes for young children enhance learning, encourage development and inspire creativity especially within performance arts.

Stagecoach Weybridge Theatre Singing Drama Dance
Early Stages schools across the UK specifically meets the needs of pre and infant school children, offering a safe environment for each child to grow in confidence and uncover their full potential.

Class sizes are kept small (maximum 15) so there’s plenty of scope for children to stretch their imagination and make lots of new friends!

Just like students in the main Stagecoach stage schools, Early Stages children learn performing arts skills for life that work to build their confidence ranging from dance classes and drama lessons to musical theatre, drama and more.

The weekly classes run for 90 minutes each, split into three 30 minute sessions:

Singing Lessons
In our UK stage schools the singing classes and learning popular show tunes helps the children to develop rhythm and timing as, together, they enjoy performing to the music.

They also improve their diction and, through this, investigate how sounds are made and formed.

Dance Lessons
Our range of dance classes for children are great fun, and by learning contemporary dance routines children can improve their co-ordination and strengthen their motor skills, as well as developing their sense of balance and spatial awareness.
Drama Lessons
Role play, improvisation and storytelling all play a tremendous part in sparking creativity in children.

In Early Stages, children can find new ways to express themselves as they experiment with words, actions and feelings in a number of our stage schools in the UK.

Learning new phrases as they memorise lines through repetition increases their vocabulary, and drama also teaches them valuable social skills through interaction – including giving, taking and sharing.

Once a year parents of Early Stages children will receive individually written reports on their child’s progress in performing arts.

Stagecoach main schools run alongside Early Stages classes, so when a child is ready it’s a natural progression for them to move up to the longer classes.

Depending on individual circumstances, this will usually happen when a child is 6 years old, and ready to transfer to the next stage.

Stagecoach Main Theatre School

For Children and Teenagers 6-18: Gain confidence, stretch imagination, learn skills and HAVE FUN!

Singing, acting and dance classes operate during term time, out of school hours, and run for three hours each week. Theatre schools students are split by age into three groups and participate in drama, dance and singing classes.
Theatre Drama Acting Dancing Singing Classes Surrey
Dance School London
Whether a child is a natural performer or simply looking for an enjoyable way to boost their self-esteem, the skills they’ll learn at Stagecoach schools in the UK will stand them in good stead. Because these skills – confidence, self-expression and creativity – are not just applicable to performance. They are skills for life.

Stagecoach’s experienced and professional teachers are all DBS checked (formerly known as CRB), and many of them are currently working in the profession.

The classes they run provide a broad curriculum and Stagecoach schools students are introduced to a wide variety of performance skills and styles.

Dance Workshops and Classes

The energetic dance workshops and classes offer more than just physical exercise.

At the same time as learning popular routines (everything from pop and street dance to musical theatre) students make great improvements to their technique and co-ordination.

Drama Classes

Our Drama classes give students the opportunity to explore their creativity and stretch their imaginations. As well as being hugely enjoyable, the role play, improvisation and performance texts that we use are invaluable tools for improving communication and boosting social awareness skills.

Singing Lessons and Classes

In singing lessons and classes a wide range of songs introduce students to different rhythms and tempos, as they work to improve their technique and vocal ability.

Previous singing experience isn’t essential, and natural ability counts just as much as the students being able to rise to new challenges.

“Hi Mike I’ve been meaning to thank you (and Stagecoach in general) for everything that you have done for Mark.

It has made a real difference to his confidence, especially when he was young.

He now is in the Musical Society and Stage Tech Societies at university. It’s helped his social skills no end and I can’t thank you enough.”

Mrs W

When & Where Are Stagecoach Classes?

Every Friday and Saturday at Heathside School, Brooklands Lane, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8UZ

Term Dates

Spring 2019 Term
Friday School:
Fri 11th Jan to Fri 29th March 2019: No Break for Half Term

Saturday School:
Sat 12th Jan to Sat 30th March 2019: No Break for Half Term

Summer 2019 Term
Friday School:
Fri 26th April to Fri 12th July 2019: No Break for Half Term

Saturday School:
Sat 27th April to Sat 13th July 2019: No Break for Half Term

Autumn 2019 Term
Friday School:
Fri 13th September to Fri 29th November 2019: No Break for Half Term

Saturday School:
Sat 14th September to Sat 30th November 2019: No Break for Half Term

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Stage Coach

Stagecoach Weybridge

Stagecoach, Heathside School, Brooklands Lane, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8UZ
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