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About Oasis Children’s Charity

Oasis Children’s Charity provides essential support to vulnerable children in need and their families across Elmbridge.

Helping on average 250 vulnerable families a year, Oasis works closely with the family unit as a whole together with schools, GP’s and Social Services with the aim of keeping vulnerable children out of the social care system and with their own families.

Oasis believes every child has a right to security, love and a stable environment in which they can develop their full potential. It was the recognition that this was an impossible ideal in a great number of families that led to the formation of Oasis (based in Cobham Surrey) in 1996 to work throughout the Borough of Elmbridge.

The stress and pressures of modern society always affect those least able to cope, those in critically dysfunctional family situations, some single parents, those with alcoholic and/or drug dependencies and those in severe financial hardship. The helpless victims of all this pressure have always been children, the people with the least resistance to emotional confusion, stress and pain

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Why Oasis Matters

Oasis children’s centre believes every child has a right to security, love and a stable environment in which they can develop to their full potential. It was the recognition that this was an impossible ideal in a great number of families that led to the formation of oasis in 1996. The stress and pressures of living in today’s world always affects those least able to cope, those in critically dysfunctional family situations, some single parent families, those with drug or alcohol addictions and those in severe financial hardship.

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The casualties of all this pressure have always been children… the ones with the least voice, the least influence, the least choice and ultimately the least power to change the environment in which they live. Oasis brings a range of services and interventions based on a preventative care approach i.e.to intervene and address the needs of our clients before their situation becomes irretrievable to the point where statutory body resources are pulled upon.Whenever it is engaged by social services, schools or police, oasis has a near 100% track record in keeping children off the “child protection register. A dramatic uplift in the number of cases that have been referred to Oasis in recent times has meant that this 100% record is no longer intact.
Frankly, it has been impossible to cope with the caseload based on Oasis’s limited resources and particularly due to the severity of the more recent cases. Oasis is still delivering an exemplary service and with the support from external funding we will continue to strive to be as close to the 100% record as we possibly can.

Caroline and her team have been delivering this help to well over 200 children and families each year for the past 17 years and continue to deliver this care despite having no statuatory funding streams.

Megan’s Story

Oasis Family Centre

I recently visited Oasis and I was struck by the commitment of Caroline and the team to helping some of the more vulnerable families in the Cobham area. Oasis provide a long term network which supports these families. I’m delighted that we have an active local organisation servicing Cobham.
Dominic Raab MP

Member of Parliament for Esher and Walton

The Envisage Report and Action Plan was published in 2009, having been informed by the results of the extensive survey of the opinions of the seven thousand householders in Cobham, Downside, Oxshott and Stoke D’Abernon, undertaken by a wide group of local volunteers. Among many other things, the survey revealed a strong and growing concern that the sense of community was weakening and that insufficient care was being shown for those disaffected and struggling young people, young parents and families living in the area. The inspiring work of Oasis in addressing these problems is invaluable, has the full support of Envisage and deserves all the encouragement and support which our local community can give it.
Nick Driver

Chairman, Envisage

“Surrey Police have been working with The OASIS Childcare centre for the past few years and in that time have been able to improve the lives of local residents by providing information and support to its users. We see the centre as a safe and secure place to communicate with local people. The centre provides and incredible amount of support and services to all of its users and the workers are professional and dedicated. We will continue to work with Oasis and know that we can help many more people with this valuable engagement opportunity that we have.”
Mark Bracknell

Police Sergeant

“Oasis carries out vital work in our community with families, most especially those living in difficult circumstances. The support, advice and encouragement they provide helps with essential development for pre-school children and parenting and life skills for adults. Oasis helps people cope with difficult issues such as domestic violence and alcohol and drug dependency. Oasis makes a real difference to people’s lives and we are delighted to support them.”
Revd Robert Jenkins

Rector of St Andrew’s Church, Cobham and Chair of Cobham Combined Charities

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