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English Language Classes at Weybridge International School Of English (WISE) in Weybridge Surrey
Students and teacher in English Language Classes at Weybridge International School Of English
English as a Foreign Language Classes for Foreign Students in Weybridge Elmbridge Surrey
Classes for foreign people living or working in Weybridge or Elmbridge, perhaps as an au-pair, who wish to improve their English


WISE is a vibrant and friendly learning academy offering language classes in the heart of Weybridge, Surrey. WISE welcomes students of all ages and nationalities.

WISE Language School Teaching English to Foreign Students is in Baker Street Weybridge Surrey

English Classes


Business English


Tutoring English, Maths & other subjects


Foreign Languages

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information about our English Language Classes for All Levels, including Business English and Private Lessons, on this page below.

Weybridge Tutors - offer Tutoring for Children, in English and other subjects including Maths, plus Revision Workshops and Specialised Tutoring


We offer Tutoring for Children, in English, Maths and other subjects, plus Revision Workshops and Specialised Tutoring.

More information about Tutoring services on the link below.

Why Learn English with WISE?


We’ll develop your English skills to improve your career prospects


You'll learn to communicate in English with confidence


All teachers at WISE are native English speakers.


You’ll learn with outstanding and supportive teachers


Class sizes are small and there are no more than 12 students per class.


Classes provide students with relevant, everyday English equipping students with phrases that people actually use!


You can study for English qualifications which are valued and recognised worldwide


English Classes For All Levels, From Beginner To Proficiency Level


Brilliant and popular social events programme

Accreditation for teaching English from British Council and English UK

WISE has has been awarded accreditation from British Council and English UK for the teaching of English.

Summer School - English Language Classes near London

The WISE English Summer School is:​

  • Fun, focussed and friendly
  • Lots of speaking and listening
  • Different topic every day
  • New grammar points, tenses, phrasal verbs, idioms, everyday
  • Maximum 12 students per class
Learn to communicate in English with confidence

English Classes For ALL Levels

We offer classes for Beginner, Intermediate (B1), Upper Intermediate (B2), Advanced (C1) Proficiency (C2), Conversation Classes (Intermediate and Advanced level)

The Right Class

We believe you need to be in the right class for your level – We will offer you a meeting and after a grammar assessment and talk with one of our teachers, we will offer you the best class to suit you.
We really want students to progress and there are always opportunities for students to move up a level.

Private Lessons

For individual learning, WISE offers private teaching (one student, one teacher). Our qualified, experienced and friendly teachers make sure you progress.

English Classes in Weybridge Elmbridge Surrey

Want To Study For English Qualifications?

Cambridge exams are optional, Teachers offer guidance and support to students and we offer extra revision to those students wishing to take exams.

Business English Classes in Weybridge Elmbridge

Business English

We have an excellent team of professional Business English tutors. Our aim is to ensure that employees can communicate more effectively at work with their colleagues, clients and customers giving them more confidence and the best chance of progress. Tutoring is generally on a one-to-one basis however we offer group tutoring too.

Social events for foreign students of English in Weybridge Elmbridge Surrey

Social WISE

Social Events at WISE are fun and friendly and they are a big part of what makes WISE so special.

Summer Garden Parties, Christmas Parties – Students Bring Traditional Food From Their Country, Bingo Nights And Fish N’ Chips, Quiz Nights, Pub Nights, Film Nights, Easter Egg Hunt, Karaoke, Comedy Nights, Charity Events, Afternoon Tea…..

We also offer
– Language Classes for French, Spanish & Italian –
– Tutoring for School Children –


English Teachers and Office Manager at Weybridge International School of English
Liz Denham – Managing Director / Teacher at Weybridge International School of English
Liz Denham - Managing Director / Teacher

I qualified as an EFL teacher in 2002 and have taught English at all levels from Beginners to Advanced level. Languages are a real passion of mine and I speak Italian and German having lived in both countries.

After graduating from Leeds with a European Finance and Accounting Degree, I worked for a number of years at the BBC and Eurotunnel. I enjoyed the buzz of working in the corporate sector.

I love most sports, particularly tennis… I really enjoy theatre, travelling, cooking, current affairs and being with my family and dog! I love a challenge – in my student days, I completed a solo parachute jump and in more recent years I walked 195 miles from Coast to Coast in northern England.

WISE is my passion. I love my job, meeting the most amazing students from all over the world and working with a generous and inspirational team.

Amanda Thorogood Director Teacher at Weybridge International School of English
Amanda Thorogood - Director / Teacher

Since qualifying as a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher in 1991 I have taught in two London based schools of English and another in Surrey.

So…I have lots of experience! I have taught at all levels from beginners to advanced and thoroughly enjoy meeting and getting to know students from all corners of the world.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy painting, rowing, playing tennis, cycling and ski-ing.

I really look forward to meeting you!

Rowan Johnson Director Teacher at Weybridge International School of English
Rowan Johnson - Director / Teacher

I am passionate about helping students achieve their learning potential. I began teaching in 1990 and have taught and coached children and adults of all nationalities and abilities.

As a qualified teacher and coach my career has taken me into boardrooms delivering training, coaching and motivating senior executives;

I’ve taught Physical Education to students and in primary schools

I have taught children in all subjects.

I trained as a specialist dyslexia teacher I am able to support children with dyslexia.

I have a love of sport, travel and can often be found walking my dog!

English Teachers and Office Manager at Weybridge International School of English
Emma White Teacher at Weybridge International School of English
Emma White - Teacher

I absolutely love teaching English and it is a real honour to be a teacher at WISE! Having qualified with my teaching qualification in 2008, I taught in West London for three years before going abroad to teach in the south of Italy.

I enjoy teaching all levels and relish the opportunity to meet fascinating people from ask around the world!

When not teaching English, I also work as an art teacher with young children. My hobbies include dancing, reading, long walks in the countryside, and going to the cinema. I look forward to meeting you!

Claudine Angear Teacher at Weybridge International School of English
Claudine Angear - Teacher

My qualifications are BA Hons International Relations with French, CELTA and Diploma of Health Science. After many years teaching underwater (as a scuba diving instructor), in 2009, I finally fulfilled another ambition by qualifying as an EFL teacher.

I was based in tropical north Australia for many years and was lucky enough to teach students from Asia, Europe and South America. I recently returned to England from a teaching position in Italy and I’m really missing the food; one of my passions! Another is language and pronunciation.

I speak French, Spanish and Italian, so I understand the difficulties that language learners have being understood, and understanding others.

I love healthy living. I’m also a great traveler and I enjoy discovering new cultures and environments. One of the most exciting things I’ve done is dived with many types of sharks all over the world, however I’ve never dived with Great White sharks – that’s one for the bucket list!

Janis Abson - Teacher at Weybridge International School of English
Janis Abson - Teacher

My qualifications are BA Hons French and Cert TEFL, (International House). After studying French at university, I qualified as a TEFL teacher at International House in London in 1990. Since then I have worked at several schools in London teaching all levels of English, (Beginner to Proficiency), and I have also taught in Hong Kong, teaching mainly Business English.

Going to live and work in Hong Kong was one of

the most exciting things I have ever done in my life, and I had a fantastic time from start to finish.

Before having my children, I was an Account Manager for a language training company in the City, for several years, but my love of teaching never left me, so I am very happy to be teaching again at WISE.

In my spare time, (and when I am not busy looking after my children!), I enjoy yoga and aerobics, and I also love baking. If I were to win the lottery tomorrow, I would buy a big old house in Provence, and sit in the garden drinking red wine and watching my olive trees grow. Dream on……

Liz Farmer – Office Manager at Weybridge International School of English
Liz Farmer – Office Manager

Hi, I’m Liz. My degree is in computing, though my programming skills are a little rusty! I like getting involved with working on social media and databases and at WISE you will usually find me next to the computer in Reception!

I love meeting new people and helping others. I have been doing voluntary Meals on Wheels for many years. One of my passions is being a Beaver Scout Leader….all that camping and looking after 24 six-year olds! I also enjoy walking my dog, and doing creative things such as scrapbooking photos and I love the theatre.

The most exciting thing I have done is to win a cruise to the Caribbean – that was my 5 minutes of fame, and who wouldn’t want a free holiday?!

My ambition is to always keep ALL my friends and to help people in this world who really need the help!

Testimonials – Kind Words From Students

“I attended the FCE class at WISE for seven months and I enjoyed every single lesson. My teacher Liz was able to explain everything really well. She is very patient with every student and at the end of each lesson I always felt like my English was a bit better than before. We worked a lot in groups as well. That was extremely helpful to improve speaking skills. Besides, I got to know many great people from all different kind of countries. Not only in class but also at social evenings. Those evenings are a lot of fun and a great opportunity to practise new skills.

All in all, I can say that my English improved a lot during the lessons and that I’m really happy about being a part of the big WISE family.”

Josefine Janssen

German Student

“I spent two months in WISE where I learnt, improved my English skills and met lovely people. In my view point it is not about the classes, the most important thing of WISE is the teachers work. It doesn´t finish after each class, they plan different meetings which let you meet different people, and practice as well as know different cultures which are important for you. They provide you with the best atmosphere to learn and help you with your English level and the people that should be with you. If you are gonna live in the Weybridge area, it is your academy.”

Claudio Guillen

Italian Student

“As for WISE there was amazing and friendly atmosphere. You all (teachers) supported us very much and I got a language confidence. Many exercises were very useful for me e.g. phrasal verbs, idioms and things like – what have you been up to, it´s up to you, to be after and also conversation and listening. All things which I can use in everyday life. And it was fine to do a grammar and try to use it in sentences.

As for teachers I was most satisfied with Liz. She is so personable and she has a great enthusiasm to work with people. Every day we made a lot of exercises, conversing about everything and she still encouraged us to do something. For me it was the best way how to learn english. And I have to add that she organised for all students a social event and at summer school she invited us for a dog walk. It was so nice from her. I was also very satisfied with you Amanda. You are such a kind and warm person. I really liked your games, your stories. You gave us quite a hard listening exercises and it was very good for me. And very useful was when we practised a buying a ticket at the station and when you brought things from your house and we had to name it. I enjoyed the summer school with you 🙂 With you and Liz it was amazing, great, super,… To sum up I have to say, that it was such a great experience.”

Kateřina Chalušová

Czech Student

“I just have good words for WISE. The classes are very dynamic; we did a lot of different activities depending on the topic. The most of them were in groups, which is so good because you can practise English all the time and meet new people. I knew some of my friends there, and some of them are from different countries so it’s perfect to talk in English or learn interesting things about other places.

The teachers are lovely. You can ask them whatever you want or need, because they will help you without any problem. My teacher in particular was Liz. She helped me a lot to prepare my FCE, and with her help I could pass it with a good mark. The good thing is that they are not teachers just during the classes, you can count on them whenever you need, which is very important when you arrive here without knowing anyone.

Another good aspect from WISE is that the teachers organise something called “social evenings”. These activities are perfect to know all the people who attend the classes at school. It’s the perfect place to make friends in a relaxed and nice atmosphere.

Regarding my time in England, I have enjoyed a lot here despite this country is completely different from Spain. Working as an Au pair I have seen how is the life of an English family, their habits, their likes and dislikes. First of all it was difficult for me to get used to their times and food, but now I don’t have any problem with them. This country is amazing, you see parks and forests everywhere and there is a long list of places and things that you can visit and do.

In conclusion, I am very happy to have had the opportunity of living this experience, because it has helped me to improve all the aspects of my life and I am sure that I will always remember all the adventures that I have lived here.”

Alba López Sanchis

Spanish Student

Teachers offer guidance and support to students and we offer extra revision to those students wishing to take English Language exams

“Hi everybody…I have just finished my experience as an au pair in Esher. I would like to recommend WISE (Weybridge International School of English)

I have been studying English in this academy for 3 months. I have learnt and improved my English and I have met other au pairs. The teacher is brilliant and incredible and the most important thing for me is that she cares for her pupils…..See you Soon.”

Carlos Montes

Spanish Student

“Amanda motivates and pushes me to speak English as much as I can. I’m really happy that I met such a conscientious and energetic teacher.”


Russian Student

“I only have good thoughts about working with Rowan. She is very patient and kind and not too pushy. She helps me when I get stuck.”

Katie Overd

WISE Student

“Liz is a brilliant teacher! I feel very lucky to have a teacher like her”


College Student

“Amanda is an excellent teacher of the highest calibre and her lessons are always imaginative, interesting and thorough..”

East Finchley School of English


“Liz is one of the best teachers I have ever known.”

College Student

““Rowan is always very enthusiastic and I like our chats. It’s somehow different with Rowan. She gets me thinking.”

Elyse Lewis

WISE Student

“I would like to thank you for your politeness, understanding and help with the preparations for FCE Exam.”

College Student

WISE is a vibrant and unique learning centre
which welcomes students
of all nationalities and ages
who wish to learn and improve their English
Study for English qualifications - First Certificate, Certificate of Advanced English IELTS at Weybridge Language School


WISE Language School Teaching English to Foreign Students is in Baker Street Weybridge Surrey

If you are living or working in England, perhaps as an au-pair, and you wish to improve your English,
contact us by phoning Liz Denham or sending us an email;

If you are living or working in England, perhaps as an au-pair, and you wish to improve your English, contact us by phoning Liz Denham or sending us an email;


07737 046 790

* Please mention the All About Weybridge website when you contact WISE


6 Baker Street
Surrey KT13 8AU