Roma – March Movie at Walton & Weybridge Film Society

Roma – March Movie at Walton & Weybridge Film -A turbulent year in Mexico City

Wed March 4th 2020: 8pm

Director Alfonso Cuarón USA, 2018, 135 mins, Spanish dialogue, subtitles monochrome.
Leading players: Yalitza Aparicio (Cleo) Sra. Sofia (Marina de Tavira) Toño (Diego Cortina Autrey)

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A turbulent year in Mexico City is seen through the eyes of a young woman and the family she works for. A very personal film that reframes the director’s own childhood memories.

Film Synopsis

ROMA follows Cleo, a young woman of Mixteco heritage who works for a large and vibrant family Director, Cuarón’s birthplace of Mexico City in the 1970s.

It spans a year in which political unrest tears through the city, governments are seizing land from native workers and, closer to home, an absent husband is missed by his family.

It’s a sensory, profound work, but what makes Roma really triumph is that none of it was truly made to satisfy an audience. The family, in particular Cleo and her mistress, are drawn from Cuarón’s own memories of his formative years. For him, they are the reason for his better attributes, and Roma is made in their honour.

Astoundingly, this is Aparicio’s acting debut. It is a stunning performance that at times portrays intense physical and emotional endurance that result in some of the film’s most devastating and memorable scenes.

Cuarón constructs a handsome world to frame these memories, which are captured in pristine monochrome.

No shot is thrown away, from the opening credits where soapy water sloshes across a tiled floor, a distant aeroplane visible in the reflection, to a giddy pan across the rooftops where laundry is strung up like bunting.

As with all films distributed by Netflix, there is a valid debate over whether it really deserves to be released theatrically.

Cuarón chose the platform to ensure accessibility, for all but the sheer scale of the film demands a bigger screen.

Roma Film Review

“An epic of tearjerking magnificence

Alfonso Cuarón’s intimate family drama, set in 1970s Mexico, is a triumphant blend of tragedy, comedy and absurdity “

“… sublime mystery in its extraordinary setpieces. At the heart of it all is a wonderful performance from Aparicio, who brings to the role something delicate and stoic. She is the jewel of this outstanding film.”


5 out of 5 stars, The Guardian

Walton and Weybridge Film Society - Movies at Cecil Hepworth Playhouse
Nominated for 10 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Winner of 3 Oscars (Cinematography, Director and Best Foreign Language Film)

Academy Awards

Nominated for 10 Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

Winner of 3 Oscars (Cinematography, Director and Best Foreign Language Film)

Film Notes

While filming Roma the crew were victims of a robbery. According to the studio, “Two women were hit, five crew members were hospitalised, and mobile phones, wallets, and jewellery were stolen.”

The crew reportedly arrived to set up filming for the day when a group of city workers objected and tried to shut down the set. The crew had permission to film, but a brawl ensued.

Roma won the Golden Lion for Best Film at the Venice International Film Festival in 2018.

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March 2020 Movie – Roma
At The Amanda Smith Theatre,
St George’s College

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