Refill Weybridge Launched – New Initiative To Reduce Plastic Bottle Waste & Pollution

Refill Weybridge Launch - Charu Sood and Chris Grace from All About Weybridge website

Refill Weybridge Launch – Charu Sood (Refill Champion) & Chris Grace (All About Weybridge & Refill website)

Refill Weybridge

Now Launched – But Do You Know What It Is?

Refill Weybridge had its official launch at the Great Weybridge Cake-Off in June.

Charu Sood (Refill Champion) and Chris Grace from the All About Weybridge website were at the stall to chat to the public and raise awareness of this initiative to reduce the number of plastic water bottles, which are creating a worrying problem of waste and pollution.

Visitors to the stall included TV celebrity Ruth Langsford, the Weybridge & Esher Rock Choir and presenters from Brooklands Radio who interviewed Charu and Chris for their special programme about the Great Weybridge Cake-Off.

Refill stations in Surrey include pubs bars and cafes

TV celebrity Ruth Langsford at the Refill Weybridge stall with Charu Sood

Within the first month, 20 Weybridge businesses and community organisations have already signed up to the scheme, offering free tap water refills to anyone who needs water.

Now that free water is readily available, it is important that we spread the word so more people know how to use it and cut down on their plastic waste.

Charu and Chris explained, to many interested visitors, that the organisations offering a free tap water refill will have a blue Refill sticker in their window. They are happy to offer the water refills without any obligation to buy anything in their shop / cafe / restaurant (although supporting local traders is always appreciated!).


Liz Denham from Weybridge International School of English at Refill Weybridge stall
Weybridge International School of English is one of the 20 Weybridge businesses (so far) offering free tap water refills. Liz Denham from WISE visited the stall to show her support for Refill. She is pictured with Charu at a poster showing most of the Refill Stations in the town.

To Get Started
All you need to do is carry a reusable water bottle when you go out and if you need a refill there’s likely to be a ‘Refill Station’ close to wherever you are.

13 BILLION plastic bottles are used in the UK every year

Child and parent learning about Refill
Child and parent learning about Refill

Where Are The Refill Stations?
Some people asked if there’s a quick way of finding out where the ‘Refill Stations’ are? Yes, there are 2 ways.

One is to visit the Refill Weybridge page on the All About Weybridge website, where we list the Weybridge businesses taking part and give them some publicity to encourage participation.

The other is to download the Refill App to your phone. This will help you not just in Weybridge but elsewhere in the UK and internationally. It displays a map of where you are (or a place you search for) and shows all the refill stations close by.

Weybridge and Esher Rock Choir at the Refill stall
Weybridge and Esher Rock Choirs were in town to entertain visitors at the Cake-Off and stopped by at the Refill stall. An example of alternatives to polluting plastic are these reusable bottles which keep cold drinks chilled


Charu explains how Refill works

Let’s Care About Our Use Of Plastic

Carry a reusable bottle and refill for free when out and about