Help Your NHS – Fundraising Appeal To Support Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals

NHS Covid-19 Fundraising Support For St Peters Hospital Chertsey
Food being delivered to NHS Hospital
Justgiving - Fundraising for Ashford & St Peter's Chertsey Hospitals

Do you live in the following boroughs? Runnymede, Spelthorne, Woking and parts of Elmbridge, Hounslow, Surrey Heath and beyond?

If so, if you need help during this pandemic our nearest hospitals are Ashford and or St Peters Hospitals.

​Help Your NHS have partnered with the Ashford and St Peters Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Ashford and St Peters Hospitals Charity.

There are many tasks we would like to undertake during this time for our local hospitals to help them.

Objective 1: Source a weekly delivery of goods for nurses at Ashford and St Peters Hospital hospital.

Objective 2: Work with local school PTA’s to see if they can help with donations for local NHS staff.

Objective 3: Source tools/equipment to save lives for Ashford and St Peters Hospital hospital.

Objective 4: Raise money from the local public and companies for the tools/equipment to help save more lives in our community

“I was treated by the A&E team for COVID-19 this week. The team were cheerful and professional despite obviously not having the right gear to protect themselves.I am pleased to support the cause”

Els Whittaker 1st April 2020

Els Whittaker Supporting Help Your NHS - Chertsey Surrey Hospital Fundraiser
“It’s important to stand together as a business community to support our local NHS hospitals and show gratitude for the amazing work being done by so many people in an often unrelenting environment.”
Mondi Addlestone - Donated £2,000

First local business partner

Food being delivered to NHS Hospital

More Information About This Appeal

We are local Weybridge residents who want to help others during this difficult time. Every minute and second counts during a pandemic and we need to help our local hospitals as much as we can as they urgently need help and support. Thank you

“We just had our first local partner sign up (Mondi Addlestone, who have donated £2,000) which means we can start to get PPE. Just waiting for a list from St Peters”

See the website for the most up to date information, using the button below.

Alternative Fundraising Appeal – ASPH Charity

The Support Your NHS Appeal above has been started by local Weybridge residents. There is also an appeal by the official Charity for Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals. To read about this appeal and to support it, please use the button below.