Electrical Polarity – A Science Correction

After around 100 years, might electrical engineering science come into line with electronic engineers and correct the error that states that Alternating Current (AC) alternates its direction of travel in time with the generating frequency?

Electronic engineers know that passing AC current through diodes forms a type of DC current, by stringing together pulses of positive energy in one wire, and negative energy in the other wire. – An Alternator. And a Rectifier strings together + / -, forming DC!

Nicola Tesla was a brilliant engineer snd scientist who discovered Alternating Electricity, but probably misinterpreted how it was generated, assuming that a positive and a negative charge could not co-exist in close proximity and would short circuit.

He therefore erroneously concluded that the charges moved backwards and forwards in different directions at the generating frequency.

He was wrong because if a vast amount of movement took place, it would be inefficient and reduce the quantity of energy produced.

He did not appreciate that there is a finite separation between each positive and negative charge, which are generated one after the other, each moving at an identical speed, the number of twin pulses produced i a minute being the generating frequency.

What is presently called A.C. is a similar electrical current to Square Wave form, where streams of positive and negative energy charges are alternately generated, and co-exist side by side, alternate charges formed alternately in each conductor. . See en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Square_wave

The process is rather like squeezing a two colour toothpaste out of a tube where alternate blobs of colours emerge, not the two colours side by side, as usually occurs!

Commercial single phase electricity is one phase of three phases electrical supply generated, the joined phase-centre windings being Earthed, where every emitted pulse is “neutral”.

True single phase energy would be alternating +/- electrical potential pulses passing through each of the two conductor wires, in time with the generating frequency.

Tesla if he was here would be the first to admit his error, the problem being with Academia who continue to rubber-stamp his error because they are always correct.

The correct term for this type of electricity is Alternating Polarity electricity. (AP).

Student power can cause correction! Go to it you youngsters!

Ray Grace, Retired Engineer.

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