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Bespoke Catering Delivered To Weybridge Cobham Oxshott Esher Byfleet, Woking Surrey & Surrounding Areas

Lemon and Berry Cake - Bespoke Catering - Byfleet Weybridge Cobham

Bespoke Catering: Delivered

We offer bespoke catering for special occasions, birthdays, and anniversaries delivered to your door. You can request specific dishes, or browse our full catering menu for inspiration. Don’t forget the order a cake to make it a truly special occasion!

When government guidelines permit, we offer in person catering to bring the party to you. Chef Eleanor will cook your bespoke party menu, and leave the kitchen spotless.

Catering Service to Byfleet Weybridge Cobham
Cake - Bespoke Catering Service Delivered to Weybridge Byfleet Esher
Bespoke Catering Service Delivered to Weybridge Byfleet Cobham

About the Chef, Eleanor Watkins

Eleanor pivoted her Cooking School into a Meal Delivery service in March 2020 when lockdown hit the whole of the country. Due to the huge success of the meal delivery, she decided to keep going and continue this service.

Eleanor’s style of food is international and eclectic taking traditional European or American dishes and putting her own spin on them. The philosophy of Educated Cooking is to always put deliciousness at the forefront of the dish.

Eleanor comes from a unique and varied food background. She grew up in the United States and worked as a chef at award winning restaurants before moving to the U.K. in 2013 to pursue an MSc in Food Science. In addition to her MSc she holds a BSc in Nutrition and uses these scientific backgrounds to shape how she cooks food.

Byfleet & Weybridge Meal Delivery Service and Caterer - Chef Eleanor Watkins

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