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Sheerwater Glass design and install a plethora of glass products in the surrounding Surrey area.
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Bi-fold doors & conservatories installed in Weybridge Surrey - Sheerwater Glass Woking
Glass Cutting Service - Weybidge and Woking Surrey

High quality glass in Surrey – from the very beginning

Sheerwater Glass’ story began with glass products, before expanding out to home improvements, such as windows, doors and conservatories, meaning they are highly experienced and offer supreme products.
Established in 1972, their glass cutting service was offered from their single shop unit in Woking, Surrey. Their dedication to providing customers in Surrey with tailor cut and faultless products established their paramount reputation for friendly customer care, high quality products and expertise.
40 years later, Sheerwater Glass are still committed to providing bespoke glass products to customers across the wider Surrey area. Their dedicated team of experts provide replacement glass for windows, doors and conservatories, alongside their range of the highest quality glass products and array of decorative glass options.

Ensuring the ideal solution for your requirements, their wide variety of glass products includes:
• Mirrors
• Glass Cutting Service
• Glass Shelves
• Replacement Greenhouse Glass
• Glass Shower Screens
• Glass Tops
• Safety Glass
• Glass Banister
• Cat Flap Installation
• Shop Front Glass
• Replacement Sealed Units
• Glass Partitions
• Splash backs
• Glass Accessories
Glass Kitchen Splashback - Cobham Surrey


Create a sense of additional space with a bespoke mirror
A new mirror can give the illusion of enlarging a room, whilst providing a central focus point that can compliment the interior style of any property. They also improve indoor lighting by reflecting the existing light of the room. Sheerwater Glass are able to create bespoke mirrors tailor-made to any request.

Glass cutting service:

Custom cut glass to any shape or size

The Glass and Glazing team at Sheerwater Glass are able to cut a variety of new glass panes to fit even the most niche requests. Alternatively, their specialist skills mean that they are equipped to cut specific pieces of glass that you already own. From frosted class, glass tabletops to mirror glass, they can create a totally unique shape for your requirements.

Glass shelves:

Stylish storage with glass shelves

Glass shelves from Sheerwater Glass can be made to measure for a variety of uses, including replacement fridge shelving, new shelves for a cabinet or standalone shelves to be mounted to walls. This is the ideal solution for a modern and stylish way to display your favourite photographs, trophies, or family treasures that can be designed to fit any space.

Glass shower screens:

Enhanced aesthetics to suit any bathroom

Sheerwater Glass can design and install glass shower screens made to measure. A new glass shower screen can truly elevate the existing style of any bathroom and add a premium finish, whilst providing a low-maintenance and safe way to secure your shower unit.

Glass Shower - Customised Glass Cutting - Oatlands Weybridge House
Glass Shower - Customised Glazing - Oatlands Weybridge House

Glass table tops:

Transform your kitchen’s character with a quality glass top

A quality glass tabletop can be fitted onto an array of kitchen units, giving it a sleek and polished finish. It also doubles up as an additional layer of protection. Sheerwater Glass will create glass tops uniquely made to fit your kitchen, promising a premium aesthetic for your home.

Safety glass:

Abide by regulations with robust safety glass
Safety glass must be used in the United Kingdom to protect against injury in areas where there are high risks of accidents or vandalism, according to building regulations. Safety glass is specially manufactured in a way that makes it less likely to break or shatter when struck. Sheerwater Glass are able to create robust safety glass that can be used in a number of circumstances, including both domestic and commercial applications.

Replacement Greenhouse Glass:

Bring your greenhouse back to life

Sheerwater Glass use horticultural glass for their replacement greenhouse glass. Their thorough experience in the glazing industry means that they are able to advise on the most suitable glass for each request. In this case, horticultural glass of 3mm is used which provides the ideal environment for the maximum growth of plants and vegetables.

Glass banisters:

Sophisticated style to blend your home’s story’s

If you’re looking to transform the interior of your home, replacing traditional staircase rails with glass balustrades or glass rails will promise to enhance its aesthetics. This is will also brighten up the staircase in your home by allowing the light to freely move between the different areas. The glass used by Sheerwater Glass is highly robust to ensure its durability and safety.

Glass Stair Banisters - Glazing and Glass Cutting for Cobham House
Glass Cutting Service - Hersham Home - Stair Bannisters


Keep your glass products at their full capabilities

Sheerwater Glass offer a range of accessories for glass products, whether it’s a new piece that’s needed or a replacement accessory to bring it back to life. Their glass shop’s stock includes shelf brackets, glass cleaner, expanding foam and PVC trim.

Cat flap installation:

The ideal solution for your four-legged friend

Cat flaps are an essential home improvement for pets that are left alone or need to access the outdoors without requiring to be let out by their owners. Sheerwater Glass stock 4-way locking cat flaps which offer superior security and performance and can be installed on most doors. However, their experienced glazing team are also able to fit cat flaps that are supplied by customers.

Shop front glass:

Replacement glass to secure your shop front

Sheerwater Glass’ extensive experience in the glazing industry equips them with sufficient experience to survey and create shop front glass that can be custom designed to fit any shop front. They offer patterned, textured and tinted glass giving you versatility to choose an option that suits your store. Of course, like all glass used by Sheerwater Glass, it is made from the highest-quality material that ensures for unparalleled sturdiness and an unbeatable lifespan.

Replacement sealed units:

Bring your windows back to their optimum performance

Often or not, old sealed units in windows, doors and conservatories can break. This can be spotted when condensation forms between the glass panes. This slight moisture means that the glazing unit isn’t performing as it should be and is likely to be allowing the cold in without retaining the warmth. There is an easily solution! Sheerwater Glass offer replacement sealed units that will be tailor-cut to fit your existing home.

Glass partitions:

Section your office’s working environment with sleek glass partitions

Glass partitions are commonly found in offices as they offer a modern aesthetic that provides privacy and noise reduction to dissect differing areas of the office space. They’re also a great feature for contemporary homes to compliment the interior design of modern spaces.


Add a modern style to your home with bespoke splashbacks
Sheerwater Glass supply and install personally measured splashbacks that can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and commercial spaces to add a modern aesthetic. They can be created in coloured glass for heightened style. This is an excellent way to add financial value to your property, whilst also adding a protective layer to your walls.

Weybridge and Woking Glass Cutting Service - Stairs Bannister


Transform your property’s style with an array of decorative glass options

Sheerwater Glass have a comprehensive display of glass options that can be incorporated into a new installation. The multitude of glazing configurations and options promises the perfect solution to meet any personal tastes.
Their stunning yet highly efficient glass options include:
• Decorative Glass
• Textured Glass
• Coloured Glass
• Leaded Glass
• Stained Glass
• Toughened Glass
• Bevelled Glass

Bi-fold doors & conservatories installed in Weybridge Surrey - Sheerwater Glass Woking

Decorative glass:

Revive your home’s character with some decorative charm
Decorative glass can be incorporated into windows and doors to enhance their beauty and style. The designs are endless and can be tailor created to your specific tastes. You’ll be able to add a beautiful focal point that can compliment the aesthetics of any Surrey property.

Textured glass:

Add privacy and style with premium textured glass
Textured glass allows for heightened privacy and can be fitted as either an external or internal glazing option to allow for an abundance of light. Textured glass from Sheerwater Glass can also provide sophisticated aesthetics, with 18 different designs to choose from, and also a premium range of etched glass, they offer an industry leading choice.

Coloured glass:

Add a splash of colour to your home
Installing coloured glass, whether it’s on the outside or inside of your home, can make a statement that will wow your visitors. With such a variety of beautiful colours and finishes to decide from, Sheerwater Glass promise the ideal solution for any property.

Leaded glass:

Retain your property’s periodic aesthetic
Leaded light glass is the ideal solution for homeowners who reside in historic properties. This will enable you to retain its traditional aesthetic whilst combining a modern performance and superior security. Sheerwater Glass’ glazing experts can create leaded glass in a variety of designs, including mock-lead and diamond lead.

Stained glass:

An elegant glass finish to suit any Surrey home

Stained glass windows are perfect for any homeowners in the surrounding Surrey area who wish to retain their property’s traditional appearance. They can be uniquely designed to flatter the existing architecture.

Toughened glass:

Secure your property with toughened glass
Toughened glass provides a high-performing secure glazing option for homes and businesses. The impact-resistance and extremely durable design will deter criminals from forcing entry into your property.

Bevelled glass:

Elegant style to personalise your windows and doors
Bevelled glass from Sheerwater Glass utilizes 5mm multi-faceted pieces, clusters and shapes for superior performance style. This allows light to refract and reflect for a simultaneous movement of bespoke shapes and features. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of distinct gorgeous designs to suit your personal taste and requests.

If you like the look of any of these glass products or glass options

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Their team of specialist glass and glazing experts will be more than happy to discuss your requests and provide you with a free no-obligation quote for your home in Surrey and beyond.

Customer Reviews

“Very easy to deal with, competent, timely and well priced. Very pleased with the 3 jobs they have done for us.”

“Big thanks to George, Claire and the team at Sheerwater Glass. Great service from start to finish, good communication and professionalism at all times. Will definitely be using them again! Highly recommend!”

“Very impressed with all at Sheerwater Glass, from enthusiastic sales and helpful office staff to the efficient fitters an extremely professional service all round and would highly recommend.”

“This is the second time we’ve used Sheerwater Glass and we are delighted with our new front door. The whole process was incredibly easy, from the initial enquiry to the fitting, and we were also very happy with the price. It is great to deal with such a professional company and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sheerwater.”

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