Weybridge Surrey Men Who Served in The Great War – Magnificent Book In Surrey History Centre Woking

Weybridge Surrey Armed Services Men Who Served in The Great War - Book In Surrey History Centre Woking - Army, Navy & Air Force
A Roll of the Men (residents or employed) in Weybridge who having voluntarily attested prior to November 1915, served in Her Majesty’s Forces by land and sea during The Great War 1914 – 1918 for King and Country.

Edited in affectionate remembrance of those who gave their lives and in gratitude to All.

Roll of the Men (residents or employed) in Weybridge who served in the First World War - Royal Navy & Infantry
The All About Weybridge website was contacted by a gentleman who found this beautifully hand made book, when sorting his late mother’s effects.

It has over 60 pages of information containing the Roll of the Men (residents or employed) in Weybridge who volunteered prior to November 1915 and served in the First World War.

From the photos received, it appears to have 28 pages for the Royal Navy and 30 pages for The Army (Infantry) and further sections for Weybridge men serving in Australian and other overseas forces. The Air Force appears to not be included in this document.

We advised him that the best place for this valuable historical document to be kept would be the Surrey History Centre in Woking, since they have the facilities for people to be allowed to view it, whereas Elmbridge Museum is now a virtual Museum. This recommendation was confirmed by both Elmbridge Museum and Surrey History Centre, where it is now held.

An extract from the letter we received is as follows:

“In my late mother’s effects, I have found a beautifully hand made book, some photos of which are attached. She and her family came from the Farnham area, but I do not know how she came to have this book in her possession. However, her Grandfather, Herbert Adley Sheppard fell in the Great War.

This book must have taken hours to make as you can see, and I am anxious for it to be held by someone in Weybridge and area who will appreciate its historical value.

Can you help me find a new owner for it please?”

Roll of the Men (residents or employed) in Weybridge who served in the First World War - Australian & other overseas forces
Surrey History Centre
130 Goldsworth Road,
Woking, Surrey GU21 6ND

Telephone: 01483 518737

Email: shs@surreycc.gov.uk

We hope that members of the public will be pleased to view the document at Surrey History Centre and we would welcome any contribution from historians who may be able to let us know more about the contents of the book, so we can share this with the public on these pages.
Please send us an email to info@allaboutweybridge.co.uk

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