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Imagine the situation. Your loved one, who has dementia, is missing. The police are in your home asking for personal details which, because you are sick with worry, you are finding hard to provide.

Of course, they need to know your loved one’s name, height, any distinguishing marks, what they were wearing, mobile phone number, medication and the type of dementia they have. Also, if they have any money or a travel pass and, if they drive, the type of vehicle, registration number and colour. If they usually go for a daily walk the police need to know where they would normally go and, if they have gone missing before, where they were found. All this when the only thing you want is for your loved one to be found safe and well.

Well help is at hand in the form of The Herbert Protocol.

This initiative is named after George Herbert, who served in the Second World War and who was a veteran of the Normandy Landings. He lived with dementia and would repeatedly be reported missing from his care home whilst trying to return to his previous home.

Surrey Police and its partners are part of the national Herbert Protocol initiative which is a risk reduction tool for people living with dementia who may be reported missing from home.

The form has been designed to provide the police with as much information as possible, including a photograph, so they can start a search immediately. Most importantly it avoids putting families through the stress of having to answer questions from the police at an incredibly distressing and worrying time.

The form can be downloaded from the Surrey Police website at www.surrey.police.uk/contact-us/herbert-protocol-missing-person-form/ and should be updated regularly and kept in a safe place. The police will only ask for the form if a person is reported missing but you will have peace of mind that, should the unthinkable happen, you are prepared.

Annabelle Yeomans