Volunteering Opportunity & Charity to Support – Serv SSL Blood Bikers – The Volunteer Motorcyclists Who Help the NHS

Volunteering Opportunity & Charity to Support - Serv SSL Blood Bikers - The volunteer motorcyclists who help the NHS

SERV Surrey & South London Blood Bikers

SERV aims to:

  • supply a safe, quick and reliable service to local hospitals and doctors for the transport of emergency blood and blood products.
  • also transport emergency medical equipment, drugs and donor organs if requested to do so.
  • also transport between hospitals in cases of emergency.

At night, free of any charge this will release more money for patient care.

This service is provided between the hours of 7pm and 6am, 7 nights a week, 52 weeks of the year.

SERV also supplies 24hr cover over the Christmas period and all bank holidays.

All of our members are volunteers and receive no recompense for their time or out of pocket expenses.

Drivers for SERV SSL - Volunteer Blood Riders - Whilst SERV began as a motorcycle service we also require car drivers. Cars are able to transport consignments in weather conditions which would prevent the use of a motorcycle and when the consignment is too large to be transported on two wheels.

Volunteering opportunities include Bike Riders, Drivers, Controllers, Air Ambulance and Fundraisers (Friends of SERV).

More information – see SERV SSL website: www.servssl.org.uk

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, some local events and activities are suspended or cancelled. Please check with the organisers for the current status.

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