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Would you like to find out more about Surrey during the First World War, or tell your family’s stories from this time?

Surrey in the Great War: A County Remembers is a four year project, run by Surrey Heritage and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, which aims to discover how the 1914-1918 conflict affected those left behind, in the county, on the Home Front. The project team is on the look-out for stories about people and places.

The project, over the course of the commemoration period (2014-2018), has coordinated new community-based research into the histories of individuals, communities, and organisations during the war years and focuses on engaging and inspiring people not currently actively involved in heritage to participate in and experience the thrill of exploring and understanding the past.

The lasting legacy will be its website, recording the lives and service of all the men and women whose names are on war memorials in Surrey. It will not only be a comprehensive 21st century digital memorial but also a resource to enable people to explore, discover and understand the impact of the war on their local area and community.

Other outputs of the project will include a commemorative book, bringing all of Surrey’s Home Front stories together; a series of WW1-themed walking maps, giving users the chance to walk in the footsteps of Surrey’s men and women during the war; and an educational pack, allowing schools to access the project’s findings, and embedding knowledge of the Great War in Surrey in the minds of younger generations, keeping those war-time memories alive.

Learn About Surrey's WW1 Past

& Share Your Stories

Website For Surrey History Centre’s World War 1 Project

Surrey Heritage has been inviting people of all ages to share memories, photos, letters and records from this historic time. Now they’re all available to explore online at

On this history website you can also upload your own stories and photos. It has been set up as part of ‘Surrey in the Great War: A County Remembers’ – a four year project supported by the Heritage lottery fund.

The project aims to create a lasting digital memorial to the county’s role during the First World War, both on the home front and the foreign battlefields.

Surrey In The Great War - A County Remembers