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WISE is a vibrant and friendly learning academy in the heart of Weybridge, Surrey. WISE welcomes students of all ages and nationalities.

WISE Language School Teaching English to Foreign Students is in Baker Street Weybridge Surrey

Tutoring English, Maths & other subjects


Support for Dyslexia


Confidence Coaching


English Classes


Business English


Foreign Languages

Weybridge Tutors - offer Tutoring for Children, in English and other subjects including Maths, plus Revision Workshops and Specialised Tutoring


We offer Tutoring for Children, in English, Maths and other subjects, plus Revision Workshops and Specialised Tutoring.

More information about Tutoring services, including Dyslexia and Confidence Coaching on this page below.

English Classes in Weybridge Elmbridge Surrey


For information about our English Language Classes for All Levels, including Business English and Private Lessons, see the page on the link below.


We also offer

Tutoring for Children
in Maths & other subjects

Coaching for Confidence,
Motivation & Exam Stress


WISE understands that pupils learn differently and have individual needs that need meeting. Undoubtedly, tutoring aids confidence through encouragement, nurturing and inspiring pupils to learn.

Would your child benefit from specialist learning strategies to help them cope now and in the future?.


Open Day

Open day for parents on 3rd January 2018 from 11am-3.00pm.
Education for children - Group tutoring at Weybridge Student Centre or Private Lessons at your home

We Offer

  • Tutoring in English and Maths and other subjects for all year groups
  • Exam preparation including tutoring for A’level, GCSE’s, 11+ and school entrance exams
  • Specialist teaching for coping with dyslexia

Group / Individual Tutoring Options

  • Individual lessons at WISE or in your own home
  • Group tutoring lessons at WISE in Weybridge town centre

Our Teachers

At WISE we work with qualified teachers and experienced tutors ensuring that each child is fully supported. We carefully match the tutor to each student according to interests, personality and the pupil’s level.

English Teachers and Office Manager at Weybridge International School of English

More information about teachers & staff at Weybridge International School Of English can be found on our other page (English Language), using this button.


We recognise that some children find school a struggle because of difficulties with processing or because of other complexities.
We care about your child and can provide additional support to overcome barriers to learning.

Our trained tutors know how to support those diagnosed with dyslexia or those who have a learning difficulty. Small groups or 1:1 tuition can really help a child progress and we can provide strategies for coping, organisational and study skills.

Children with dyslexia do not always have their needs recognised in school and require additional support. We aim to bridge this gap to fulfil your child’s potential in order to help them with their learning and to boost their confidence.

Dyslexia Tutors can help children in Weybtidge & Elmbridge with their Reading & Study Difficulties
WISE understands that pupils learn differently and some face greater challenges than others

How much would you like
to see your child
more at ease and happier?


Have you noticed your child showing signs of fear and self-doubt about their image or abilities? Perhaps they are withdrawn or lacking motivation? How much would you like to see your child more at ease and happier? Do they need strategies to cope with exam stress?

We have trained coaches who can:

  • Address negative thinking
  • Provide strategies that will boost confidence and develop new life skills
  • Help children achieve more in school and with exam preparation
  • Enable children to lead happier and more fulfilling lives

Group / Individual Coaching Options

  • Individual sessions at WISE or in your own home
  • Group coaching sessions at WISE in Weybridge town centre

Coping With Exam Stress

  • Confidence coaching can help not only with your child’s results, but the happiness and wellbeing of all family members .
  • Book a 4 session course in coping with exam stress
Weybridge Coaching - Motivated & Confident Children Enjoy Learning
Motivated & Confident Children Enjoy Learning

Testimonials – Kind Words From Parents & Students

“Adam looks forward to each session with Alan, which is remarkable considering the struggle we have had. Adam also remarked how much easier maths is at school now as Alan explains everything so well.”

Allison James

“WISE found a fantastic tutor for my 13-year-old son, having done a thorough review of exactly what my son was like. I would thoroughly recommend WISE for anyone looking for a tutor”

Florentia Buckingham

“Gabriella is absolutely loving her lessons with Fiona and seems to learning such a lot. Fiona is fab! ”

Alison McDonald

“Liz is a brilliant teacher! I feel very lucky to have a teacher like her”


College Student

“Liz is one of the best teachers I have ever known.”

College Student

Teachers offer guidance and support to students and we offer extra revision to those students wishing to take English Language exams

“I attended the FCE class at WISE for seven months and I enjoyed every single lesson. My teacher Liz was able to explain everything really well. She is very patient with every student and at the end of each lesson I always felt like my English was a bit better than before. We worked a lot in groups as well. That was extremely helpful to improve speaking skills. Besides, I got to know many great people from all different kind of countries. Not only in class but also at social evenings. Those evenings are a lot of fun and a great opportunity to practise new skills.

All in all, I can say that my English improved a lot during the lessons and that I’m really happy about being a part of the big WISE family.”

Josefine Janssen

German Student

“I spent two months in WISE where I learnt, improved my English skills and met lovely people. In my view point it is not about the classes, the most important thing of WISE is the teachers work. It doesn´t finish after each class, they plan different meetings which let you meet different people, and practice as well as know different cultures which are important for you. They provide you with the best atmosphere to learn and help you with your English level and the people that should be with you. If you are gonna live in the Weybridge area, it is your academy.”

Claudio Guillen

Italian Student

WISE is a vibrant and unique learning centre which welcomes students of all nationalities and ages who wish to learn and improve their English


WISE Language School Teaching English to Foreign Students is in Baker Street Weybridge Surrey

Please call to make an appointment for a free, private and confidential consultation

If you would like to provide the best opportunities for your child and see them achieve their highest potential,
please contact Rowan Johnson on the phone number or email below


07973 340 785

* Please mention the All About Weybridge website when you contact WISE


6 Baker Street
Surrey KT13 8AU

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