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About Ethnic Supplies

Ethnic Supplies specialises in African fashion and accessories including handmade bags, art and crafts from East Africa.

In many African countries women are still marginalized, excluded from education and formal employment but retain responsibilities for ensuring that the family is clothed and fed.

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Ethnic Supplies supports women in the East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Madagascar by sourcing handmade handicrafts and fashion accessories from suppliers that support women to be financially independent or directly from established women’s groups in rural locations.
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Aims of Ethnic Supplies

Ethnic Supplies was formed to promote independence for East African women who are involved in textile and handicraft production.

We work very closely with our producers to bring you the customer the very best handmade handicrafts and fashion accessories created using natural materials and methods. The women we work with are almost always excluded from any form of employment and this is their only source of income, so buying our products provides valuable income to these women.

We identify our producers through a referral system, and before we begin working with them a company representative visits them to assess the integrity and the work of the groups concerned. Our prices are determined by the women themselves – they tell us the price, and that’s what we pay!

Do you have fashion experience? Can you help?

Many of the african women do not have experience of Western fashions and could do with some help to adapt their crafts to be suitable for the European market. If you feel you could help in any way, please contact Ida Horner by email or phone (contact details above).

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Beautiful Handmade African Crafts At Modest Prices – Fashion & Crafts For The Home

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Ethnic Supplies, Suite 114, Wey House, 15 Church Street, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8NA