Weybridge Town Christmas Market

High Street Streetscape Area & Monument Green

Saturday, 4th December 2021
1pm – 6pm

Weybridge Town Business Group - WTBG
McCarthy Stone Retirement Properties Weybridge Elmbridge Surrey
Thanks to Waitrose, LeQuest and Weybridge Sports for providing the lighting for the Christmas Trees

“We had a brilliant, albeit very chilly but sunny, day. It was beautifully busy and buzzy all day – thanks to all the amazing social media from you guys! Holly’s Dance Troup and the Rock Choir were both fab (videos below).

We would like to thank McCarthy Stone again for sponsoring the event, as well as Le Quest, Waitrose and Weybridge Sports for their support, providing lighting for the Baker Street and Streetscape Christmas Trees.“

Gill Eastwood

Weybridge Town Business Group, December 2021


Photos of market stalls being set up, and videos of Rock Choir and Holly’s School of Dance, courtesy of Gill Eastwood, Weybridge Town Business Group

Thanks to Weybridge Town Business Group

Our thanks to Weybridge Town Business Group (especially Gill Eastwood, Sharon Ferrari & Paul Povey) for their work organising the event and Christmas Trees for the benefit of the local community and to support local traders.

Weybridge Town Business Group

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Weybridge Town Business Group - WTBG

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