Weybridge WI (Womens Institute) – Lou Lou and Dorrie’s 40 Sport Challenge!

President and Vice-President of Weybridge WI, Sports Challenge Fundraiser for Kent, Surrey, Sussex Air Ambulance' (KSSAA) their Charity of the Year

Lou & Dorrie, President and Vice-President of Weybridge WI have successfully concluded their 40 Sports Challenge Charity Fundraiser

1. Pole Dancing – Alana.
2. Squash – Lynda.
3. Tennis – Liz.
4. Rowing – Felicity.
5. Basketball – Sachin.
6. Clubbercise – Claire E.
7. 5km run – Carole.
8. Tai Chi – Claire D.
9. CrossFit – Noel.
10. Climbing – Becky.
11. Water Skiing – Martyn.
12. 10 Pin Bowling – Philip.
13. Stand Up Paddleboard – Gabs.
14. Touch Rugby – Geoff.
Weybridge Womens Institue Charity Fundraiser - 40 Sports Challenge - Kayaking
15. Synchronised Swimming – Anne.
16. Yoga – Judith.
17. Korfball – Nicky.
18. Boxing – Charlotte.
19. Real Tennis – Siân TS.
20. Ice Skating – Suzanne.
21. Aqua Park – Pam.
22. Nordic Walking – Alison.
23. Belly Dancing – Lynn.
24. Segway – Sarah D.
25. Sailing – Claire O.
26. Orienteering – Cassie.
27. Hot Spinning – Joanna.
Weybridge WI - 40 Sports Challenge - River Thames
28. Golf – Caroline.
29. Hoola Hoop – Anne VV.
30. Pilates – Katy.
31. Ceroc – Dorinda.
32. Ballroom Dancing – Elizabeth.
33. Archery – Christine.
34. Roller Disco – Leo.
35. Trampolining – Ray.
36. Zorbing – Rebecca.
37. Scuba Diving (Lou)/Walk (Dorrie) – Felicity.
38. Aqua Aerobics – Jenny.
39. Quidditch – Nick.
40. Aerial Fitness – Paula.
Weybridge WI - 40 Sports Challenge - River Thames
Weybridge WI - 40 Sports Challenge - River Thames
Weybridge Womens Institute - 40 Sports Challenge - Rowing
For a complete record of their activities – or even to keep giving to this vital charity – have a look at their justgiving page – see the link on the helicopter photo below on this page.

Earlier Publicity For The 40 Sports Challenge

President and Vice-President of Weybridge WI,Sports Challenge Fundraiser for Kent, Surrey, Sussex Air Ambulance' (KSSAA) their Charity of the Year
“As individuals Dorrie and I are well known for our fear of sport, Sport Haters in fact! Together we are the President and Vice-President of Weybridge WI, this year Weybridge WI selected ‘Kent, Surrey, Sussex Air Ambulance’ (KSSAA) as our Charity of the Year. Fundraising often centres around sporting triumphs but we simply loath sports, so we came up with a mad plan to try 40 sports between now and the end of the year in the hope we find we one we like!

Lou: I’ve always been terrible at sport, I remember getting my school report aged 13 to be told I was really enthusiastic but in reality, rubbish at sport. I actually did a GCSE in Physical Education (PE) so I could do theory lessons during PE classes, which worked great until I had to be tested in my 4 chosen sports! Fast forward 20 odd years later and I’m overweight, un-fit and still a sports shirker!

Dorrie: Just under 10 years ago I was in a comma for 6 weeks and hospital for 3 months in total . I had to learn how to walk and talk again and use muscles that had wasted in that time. Then this year I have been diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic. All these things make me want to live life to the full for longer and the way to do that is get fit and get sorted. Hopefully while doing these 40 different sports I will find one I like to do and carry it on, as the thought of using a running machine is so boring.

Our aim is to entertain you through our attempts learn 40 sports through the rest of 2018, hopefully getting a bit slimmer, a lot healthier and maybe even finding a sport we actually enjoy doing!

We are also hoping you’ll be tempted to sponsor us! Anyone sponsoring us £40 or more gets to pick a sport we do!

What sport will you pick?!?

Here are the rules:

1. We pay for all sports equipment, clothing & lessons. All your donations go straight to KSSAA.

2. Any sponsorship is gratefully received. To qualify to pick a sport the £40 must come from ONE person, not people clubbing together.

3. It must be practicable. If we need to travel outside of the UK, cost us £xxx to do, requires training prior to the event, or if the sport won’t accept 2 adult Newbies then it’s not going to work, sorry. If you pick an unusual sport please help us find somewhere that will offer a one-off session.

4. Nothing non-vegan, so no fishing or horse riding etc.

5. Please state your name and the sport you are sponsoring in the comments as you donate. If you want be anonymous on this page that’s fine, we can contact you afterwards.

6. We want to try 40 different sports and we will be maintaining a list of the sports, if the sport you want to nominate has already been undertaken/nominated please pick a different sport. Ice Hockey and Field Hockey are different enough, two 5km runs aren’t!

Thanks very much ”

Lou & Dorrie

President and Vice-President of Weybridge WI

Charity Of The Year For 2018

The charity for which we are fundraising this year is Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust. We had a talk by this charity at our March meeting.
Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust
Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance HEMS Doctor and Paramedic
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