How older adults can remain socially connected

Play games - from scrabble and bridge to chess and video games

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The UK population is getting increasingly older. Surrey makes no exception, as senior citizens account for 20% of its overall population. Pensioners over the age of 65 now outweigh children under 15 in England. This demographic change poses several difficulties, all at once cultural and political. Meanwhile, this aging population is confronted with many social challenges.

According to Age UK, over two million seniors aged 75 and over live alone. One million elders even declare routinely going over a month without talking to any friendly neighbour or relative. The effects of this social isolation are far-reaching, as losing connections can lead to physical health deterioration and depression. Thankfully, there are ways for older adults to connect with their loved ones from a distance and make new acquaintances altogether.

Join a local community

Many local communities are specifically designed for members aged 50 or over. In Elmbridge, venues like The Weybridge Centre offer various activities for those over 50. Residents can buy a discount card to access the centre’s facilities year-round. From aesthetic care to hairdressing, members can make appointments to get pampered whenever they feel like giving themselves a treat.

Group meetings also happen weekly, allowing members to socialise over a homemade lunch and build community ties. Additionally, clubs, classes, and fitness programmes help seniors get the hang of a computer or exercise with likeminded partners. Such centres usually offer transportation arrangements for people with mobility problems living in the area.


Doing charitable work is an excellent opportunity for older adults to get involved in their community and make a difference. Young retirees with specific skills in accountancy, management, or law can easily join charities looking for experts in such fields – and connect with younger professionals eager to partake in intergenerational wisdom-sharing. Senior citizens may also volunteer in animal shelters, help tend to community gardens, chaperone school field trips, or serve as foster grandparents to children in need.

Long story short, the causes worth investing time in are varied. Besides, a 2019 study published in the Australian Journal of Psychology further reinforced that volunteering can significantly increase life satisfaction. There are some factors to consider before signing up, though, and prospective volunteers had better approach established organisations and associations to avoid unhealthy or unethical environments.

Embrace new technologies

From fall detection watches to voice-activated assistance, smart-living technologies have revolutionised the daily lives of countless senior citizens. The virtual world can feel alien to older adults, however, if not quite daunting. But in the digital age, new technologies can be a game changer to fight loneliness.

Robotic businesses, such as Intuition Robotics, have introduced AI-powered companions able to initiate daily conversations with their elderly owners and accompany them through proactive suggestions. Such robotic sidekicks also assist seniors in staying connected with the outside world, whether by receiving news updates or sending notifications to their loved ones effortlessly. Messaging and video apps are just as valid means of keeping in touch with family members and friends unable to visit in person – and all for free.

Play games

From Scrabble and Bridge, older adults can play social games in clubs and age-friendly centres. Many more options are accessible with just a click on the web, as the appeal of video games is gaining traction among the elderly. A team of Taiwan seniors first made history in 2022 by taking part in a League of Legends tournament. But video games click with many more seniors than mere competitive gamers. Cosy titles with intuitive touchscreen features attract older players looking to lower stress – and find a common passion to share with their grandchildren.

Many seniors also take to their smartphones to play casino classics like poker and craps on the go. Live dealer options often feature chatbots for users to interact with fellow players.

Alternately, those up for a challenge can try their luck at online slots real money. Sign-up bonuses and promotions help newcomers fund a bankroll smoothly. As safety comes first, specialised websites only recommend trustworthy platforms offering secure payment options and readily-available customer support. Furthermore, industry experts only push forward vetted casino operators committed to responsible gambling.

Human beings are essentially social animals, and maintaining strong social connections is crucial to the wellbeing of aging individuals. From joining clubs to visiting nearby community centres, there are ways for the elderly to expand their social circles. That said, society also has a role to play in allowing them to contribute to that social fabric.