Why Weybridge and Elmbridge Are Great Places to Live

The areas of Weybridge and Elmbridge have become quite sought after as places to live and set up home, and it is interesting to look at why this has been the case in recent times. These have always been great places to live, but perhaps not to work unless you were comfortable with a very busy commute. The new normal way of working may have made a few changes to the way people are thinking about where they live and work, and the Weybridge and Elmbridge areas are a great example to discuss in more detail.

Quiet, calm and almost rural

The primary drawcard to the area has always been the peace and quiet and the idyllic lifestyle. Yes, Elmbridge has indeed been referred to as the Beverly Hills of Surrey in the past, and it still has a bit of a reputation for celebrity living and large country-styled houses, and it also sees almost two hours of sunshine more than the average Brit does. It is quiet, calm and sunnier and regarded as a bit of an exclusive place to live; who wouldn’t want to try to move into such an area.

A possibility for first-time owners

Although it is an area with established and historical estates and large, expensive properties, there has also been a fair number of new builds over the last few decades. Thus, both areas still offer a great opportunity for first-time buyers to get onto the housing ladder in these locales. There are also several government house-buying support schemes to assist first-time buyers, all in an attempt to make sure that areas like these are sustained with newcomers to them.


The transport links would be the primary note related to connectivity to the outside, and the transport connectivity to London and the proximity of the capital have always made these areas a great place to live and commute from. With the emergence of the new normal way of working and remote and hybrid work now coming to the fore, it is also important to look at the internet connectivity, and this too provides for a great place to live and work. You can even play at a top online casino without having to go anywhere. It is this internet connectivity that makes for a modern place to live in the midst of county life. Connectivity will only get better with the advent and introduction of 5G across this region.

Having been named one of the greatest places to live in England, it is indeed interesting to look and analyze why these are such good places to live. Finding the right place to live and work, that has the right kind of school and great neighbors (or none at all), can be a bit of a worry. However, it’s by starting to understand the simple things as detailed in this article that will allow you to make more informed preliminary decisions as to where you could settle and call home.