What To Do On A Picturesque Day Out In Weybridge

River Wey and town photo Copyright All About Weybridge

There’s nothing quite like visiting a new town, heading out to explore what’s on offer and soaking up all that there is to do in the area. Located just seventeen miles southwest of central London, Weybridge is a picturesque little town in the Borough of Elmbridge that has plenty to offer. Whether you enjoy outdoor activities, theme parks, cultural institutions or hip new restaurants with extensive selections of dry aged meat, you can be sure that you will be well-catered to in this pretty town.

Due to the fact that it is conveniently located so close to London, many people will choose to base themselves in this happening suburb rather than paying the extortionate costs of central London accommodation. With a base in Weybridge, visitors to London can head ito the city to check out the sights and enjoy doing all of the tourist things but then retire to a much quieter, less hectic setting for a relaxing evening after a day out in the British capital. This gives you the opportunity to not only enjoy all that is on offer in London but you will also have an opportunity to soak up the pleasant vibes of his quaint little town.

Continue reading to learn how more about Weybridge so you can make the most of your time in this beautiful spot.

London Bus Museum

If you’re a fan of municipal transportation both past and present, the London Bus Museum dedicated to preserving the history and vehicles of London’s famed double-deck buses is sure to keep you occupied for a few hours. The presentation dates back to 1870 in the days of horse-drawn buses and continues onward to the present day. Various exhibits are presented with period-correct street scenes to give a sense of authenticity. The museum maintains a fleet of vehicles that actually run, and they are used for special events at various times of the year.

If you appreciate the history of public transportation, and how it intersects with evolving technology, then you will love visiting the world’s largest collection of London public transport carriages and buses. It’s a family-friendly attraction that is sure to interest kids and adults alike and is a must-do when you’re in Weybridge.

Brooklands Museum

Another museum features rich British history of transportation both ground and air alike. The first aircraft to carry 100 people at double the speed of sound is on display here; the Concorde G-BBDG. Also on display are some very impressive examples of British race cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Fans of racing, aviation, or just gearheads, in general, will find plenty of interesting things to learn about at the Brooklands Museum. They’re open seven days a week until 4 pm, so bring the kids and make a day of it.

Mercedes-Benz World

Adjacent to the Brooklands facility is this Mercedes-Benz World fantasyland for lovers of German engineering and the famed Mercedes brand. Over 100 cars are on display in this free admission facility, and there are five driving courses to test your skills. The vehicles on-site include retired race cars from eras past on up to current models, and there’s even a sales office if you’re in the market. Plan on at least 2 hours of time spent to take it in and enjoy all that is on offer.

Thorpe Park

If your taste for speed wasn’t satisfied at Mercedes World, perhaps Thorpe Park and its collection of extreme thrill rides will do the trick. Kids of all ages, and adults alike, can test their stamina and tolerance for heights and G forces. On warm days, you’ll want to give the Tidal Wave water ride a go, where you will climb 85 feet into the air before quickly plunging back down to earth and slicing through the water. Fans of modern horror movies will enjoy SAW, a roller coaster themed after the famous movie franchise. Featuring a 100 ft. plunge that sends you careening into a series of horrific obstacles including spikes, and rotating blades, SAW breaks new boundaries in the world of roller coaster thrill rides.

These are only a small sampling of the rides offered at Thorpe Park. There’s a ride for every member of the family, from timid to the most unhinged thrill seekers in your family. Please note that each ride has specific height and weight requirements for riders to ensure their safety. More information about each ride and the rider requirements is listed online so you can plan which rides to check out before you head out to the park.

Make the Very Most Of Your Time In Weybridge

Weybridge really is a beautiful little town with more to do, see and experience than you might first realise. In addition to the activities and places of interest listed above, there are also some great restaurants, cafes and bars waiting to be checked out. Whether you’re travelling solo, with your significant other or with the family, be sure to make the most of your next visit to Weybridge.