What to Do in Weybridge on a Quiet Night

Weybridge is an accessible hub from London, and as it doesn’t match up to the nightlife in the capital, a quiet night in is often the way forward. So, what can you get up to? Apart from settling down with a trusty casino and indulging yourself to play incredibly breathtaking slot games online, there are some other options available to you. There is quite a bit of history to the town, so let’s look there first.

For those interested in the history of this historic town, and there is a lot of it, you can trace its roots back to its first settlers in the Bronze Age. Some items found from that period include an axe head, palstave, and rapier, which were retrieved from the river Wey in 1912. Other noteworthy settlers of this region were the Romans, of whom they found 68 coins presumed to have been used in the 3rd and 4th centuries. You could simply walk around the town and bask in all its history and stroll the grounds where Romans did all those years ago.

Other than that, why not head to the river Thames and enjoy the wildlife and scenic views. It’s a lot less busy than deep in the center of London, and there are some great little areas to sit down and just take in the beauty that Weybridge has so much of.

The town also has an abundance of churches that you could take in as you gently stroll the streets in the evening. St Mary’s Church, Christ the Prince of Peace Church, and St James’ Church are some of the options, if you enjoy looking at historical architecture.

Other than the historical and cultural element, Weybridge is today a bustling town filled with modern-day attractions. You may find a few local Highstreet retailers ready to welcome you early evening, as well as some rather specialised shops such as the Valentina Italian Restaurant and Deli – well worth a visit! For those looking for a quiet pint in a picturesque garden, try The Old Crown, situated next to the Thames, which serves deliciously prepared fresh food or stop at The Prince of Wales Pub.

Weybridge offers such a wide variety of attractions that you will always find something to do in this Surrey town. Whether you just want to have a quiet evening walk through the town centre or visit one of the several historic attractions, Weybridge has more than enough to keep you entertained when you just want a quiet night in or out and about.