What is a Normal Amount of Hair Shedding?

Your hair goes through more than you might realize in one day, from having exposure to heat from your hot showers and hairdryers to facing the elements outside to having products applied to it. While some things you use on your hair can help to nourish it, it isn’t surprising to see some hairs falling out in the shower or collecting in your hairbrush. However, there might be times when you start to get concerned about how much hair you’re losing, so how much is too much?

Average Hair Shredding

On average, you can lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day. While it is unlikely that you will sit there counting each strand you see, this is perfectly normal and some people may lose a little bit more than others. It’s important to consider certain factors of your daily routine as well that could be pulling some of your hair out, like brushing or wearing it tied up.

These things shouldn’t concern you, but the following issues could result in greater hair loss that might be more worrying.

Health Conditions

Numerous health conditions can result in hair loss, such as alopecia, or even high levels of stress. Hormone imbalances can also impact the way your hair grows, sometimes resulting in thinner hair or bald patches. If these conditions are treated, then you should see better results for your hair, but this isn’t always the case.

It’s not just specific conditions either, but certain medications or treatments can result in hair loss. For example, it is not uncommon for cancer patients to experience this when going through chemotherapy. It is upsetting, but these problems are usually temporary, with your hair growing back after treatments have stopped.

What Can You Do?

As mentioned above, certain circumstances for hair loss are temporary, and your hair will grow back when you get the right treatment or stop taking certain medications, etc. However, for those that are dealing with hair loss due to genetics, this can be more complicated. That doesn’t mean that you have to deal with thinner hair or bald patches forever, though. If you are experiencing this and it is distressing for you, then you could always explore the option of getting a hair transplant. This procedure can help your hair grow in the affected areas, allowing you to enjoy luscious, healthier locks once again. If you want to learn more about hair transplants, see how it could be a great solution and review the hair transplant before and after photos, you can do so online.
Other options you can explore if you are worried about how much hair you’re shedding is making some changes to your routine. For example, try to avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals on your hair that could be making it brittle and weak. Reducing how much heat you apply to it each day for styling can also help. Your diet could also be tweaked to help promote healthier hair growth.

Shedding hair each day is perfectly normal, but if you are worried about the amount you are losing, speak to a healthcare professional as soon as possible.