Weybridge wheels: tips for novice drivers on how to operate a car. What to do if the vehicle is defective?

Car Servicing Guide - Tips for Novice Drivers

Operating your car properly is essential to keeping it running properly. This applies not only to careful and measured driving and over-observing the rules of the road, but also to timely maintenance of the technical condition of the car. Ultimately, the latter ensures your safety and comfort while travelling. How to ensure all the above-mentioned points we will tell you in this material.

Let’s talk about oil, coolant and tyres. Aspects of operation that are often performed incorrectly

Every motorist has heard that it is important to check the oil and coolant level to avoid engine problems. But what exactly it is about is rarely mentioned. If during the check you observe a decrease of any of the liquids below the minimum mark, it leads to damage not only to the engine, but also to all other systems. It is worth noting that oil and antifreeze from the engine does not disappear by itself. This is a direct indication of leaks, getting into the cylinders, the oil system. In addition, oil can get into the combustion chamber (you will see blue smoke) or into the cooling system. Checking tyre pressure is often neglected. There is an optimum pressure value in the vehicle specifications. It ensures the correct fuel consumption and protects the centre tread and side parts from wear and tear, as well as taking care of your comfort. If you overinflate the wheels by 15 per cent, the fuel economy will be no more than two to three per cent, which is very little. In addition, it affects their rapid wear and tear.

Troubleshooting. A brief inspection of the vehicle

There are three types of car diagnostics: visual, instrumental and computer. When is it necessary to apply for diagnostics? There are several typical signs of breakdowns:

● You are having to use more oil and fuel than you are used to.
● The exhaust pipe simply “spits” smoke (sometimes even blue).
● The engine starts to give a power sag or overheat.
● Uncharacteristic sounds are heard from under the bonnet.
● The oil pressure indicator is constantly working.

What does car diagnostics include?

Briefly, in any quality car workshop you will have a full check of the level and quality of technical fluids, check the condition of the suspension, and also diagnose the angles of the wheels. Of course, such a check also includes a full examination of the condition of the brake system, drive belts. In addition, the decoding of fault codes is also implied. Check also how serviceable the glass cleaning system is, the serviceability of lighting equipment and inspection of the wheels of the vehicle. The necessary visual inspection of all other units is also carried out.

How to choose the right car service and not to fall for scammers?

To begin with, it is worth noting that there are three types of car service centres:

1. Оfficial. It is preferred by owners of new cars that are under warranty. In this case, the owner does not risk losing the warranty on the car, the original components are used to fix the car. In addition, in this case, you will get to qualified specialists who are constantly improving their skills.

2. Unofficial car repair shops. These are places where you can economically and qualitatively repair your car. Such car repair shops with a licence often allow you to keep your warranty. However, be warned that you should be prepared to have to prove your case to car dealers.

3. Self-employed workshops. You need to understand that such “underground” places are roulette. You can get on a conscientious master, and you can give the car to people who will screw the bolt crookedly and stuff the car with components of unknown origin. Yes, such places will allow you to save money on repairs. But is it worth it?

A few important tips when choosing a car service centre

● Choose one that is close to home and convenient for the visitor.
● Always pay attention to reviews. In addition, ask motorists you know what they think about the place. You can also ask about reviews in the car community of the city.
● Ask what equipment the service uses to perform complex work. If such machines are available, the owners of the service are ready to invest in the business, and therefore work for the long term.
● An obvious advantage is the presence of an auto expert who can come to you and diagnose the car. After all, there are breakdowns in which it is not safe to put the car on the road.

A few words about faults

In fact, very often people turn to car repair shops just because of oil leaks, problems with the transmission (it is not strange, because it is a unit that is subject to constant loads), braking system (often they occur due to careless driving style), as well as because of problems with the ignition system. For example, such as failure of spark plugs, high voltage coil, wire insulation failures, as well as electrical circuit malfunctions. In any case, there are critical and less critical problems in all of these systems and units that will allow you to at least make it to the car service. However, the point is, as soon as you notice a problem, call your auto mechanic and ask what to do. In other words, never delay in fixing the problem until later.

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