Weybridge & Surrey Crime and Safety Statistics

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Nestled in the idyllic Borough of Elmbridge and situated just 17 miles southwest of the city of London, the town of Weybridge is well known for its rich local history and modern residential developments. Ranked among the top 5 safest towns in Surrey, life in Weybridge is typically seen as peaceful and calm by its residents, but that’s not to say crime is a non-existent issue.

With a population of almost 16,000 as of 2021, Weybridge is far from the most overcrowded of settlements in the immediate area. However, with around 57 criminal incidents recorded per 1,000 residents, the town’s overall rate of crime does land notably higher than Surrey’s average rate of 50 incidents per 1,000 residents, a 13% increase when directly compared.

Of course, general crime rates on their own don’t always provide enough detail to properly gauge the safety of any given area, with types of offences and the frequency of incidents also needing to be equally considered. With this in mind, this post will explore a selection of Weybridge & Surrey crime and safety statistics to provide a balanced view of life in the town.

Common types of criminal offences

Figures published by Surrey Police covering the 12 months between December 2022 and November 2023 reveal the 10 most commonly reported offences in the town of Weybridge:

  • Violent / sexual offences – 467
  • Anti-social behaviour – 198
  • Vehicle crime – 160
  • Public order – 135
  • Other theft – 130
  • Criminal damage / arson – 116
  • Burglary – 106
  • Bicycle theft – 50
  • Shoplifting – 50
  • Drug offences – 31

Police figures also show that while the number of reported crimes in Weybridge did rise by over 10% between August and November of 2023, the overall crime rate associated with the area has actually dropped by around 10% over a 3 year period. Furthermore, data published in 2024 reveals the rate of crime in Weybridge to be 25% lower than the regional average.

Comparing crime rates associated with specific offences in Weybridge to figures pertaining to the greater Surrey area provides context to the overall safety of the town. Public order, violent and sexual offences, burglary and vehicle crime rates in Weybridge are slightly higher than those associated with the county of Surrey. However, the county of Surrey as a whole is ranked among the top 5 safest places of residence in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Crime hotspots in Weybridge

Figures published by Surrey Police reveal the specific areas of Weybridge in which criminal offences are most commonly reported. Compiled using data collected by local police officers, this information can be used to highlight specific crime hotspots for various criminal offences.

Viewing recently published data pertaining to November 2023, 3 specific locations stand out.

Churchfields Recreation Ground

33 separate criminal offences were reported in this area during November 2023, including:

  • 11 violent / sexual offences
  • 5 public order incidents
  • 4 instances of anti-social behaviour
  • 13 “other” criminal incidents


16 separate criminal offences were reported in this area during November 2023, including:

  • 6 violent / sexual offences
  • 3 burglaries
  • 3 vehicle crimes
  • 4 “other criminal incidents

Weybridge Train Station

14 separate criminal offences were reported in this area during November 2023, including:

  • 5 violent / sexual offences
  • 3 bicycle thefts
  • 2 instances of anti-social behaviour
  • 4 “other” criminal incidents

Efforts to reduce crime in Weybridge

While the crime rate in Weybridge is relatively low when compared to the national average, the local police force are still committed to tackling crime in the town and further reducing the number of offences impacting local residents. As detailed earlier in this article, the crime rate in the area has reduced by over 10% in the last 3 years, in part due to the following efforts:

  • Neighbourhood Teams – Surrey Police run the Safer Neighbourhood Teams program in Weybridge, offering community support via targeted foot patrols in crime hotspots. These teams include sergeants, police officers and PCSOs, alongside additional team members specialising in youth engagement, licensing and crime prevention
  • Video security – Both commercial security cameras and specialised number plate recognition cameras are in operation throughout the town to help officers identify and address physical and vehicular crimes, enabling teams to optimise in-person patrols
  • Community liaison – Surrey Police are committed to community liaison efforts in the Weybridge area via programs like the Joint Neighbourhood Survey, enabling residents to share their opinions regarding policing in the area to improve available services


With data indicating Weybridge has a crime rate 31% lower than the national average, and the wider county of Surrey said to be among the safest areas in the country to live, residents can expect to enjoy a fairly peaceful life in these communities. However, local police remain committed to further reducing crime rates, with multiple efforts in action to deter criminality.