Top activities in Elmbridge that help you relax and improve your mental health

People are becoming increasingly aware of the state of their mental health and the paramount importance of caring for their well-being and stability. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to wrap your head around the many small and stressful daily tasks and details that, once they add up, can have a toll on your mental wellness and leave you in a state where all you need is a break.

Luckily, Elmbridge abounds in activities that can help even those with the busiest schedules disconnect for a while and get their ducks in a row. On the other hand, struggling with mental health issues is commonplace these days, emphasising the need to know the best distressing activities inhabitants can do in Elmbridge.

Let’s check out where and what you can do in Elmbridge to give yourself a well-deserved break and organise your thoughts.

Top activities in Elmbridge that help you relax and improve your mental health

Shopping therapy

There has always been a heated debate around retail therapy or splurging money on garments, shoes, makeup, electronics, or other items that can trigger dopamine and help individuals overcome stressful or depressing periods. This is often regarded as an emotionally triggered act that brings pleasure only through buying stuff, working by stimulating neurotransmitters such as dopamine and endorphins that help create a positive and pleasant mood.
With two large shopping centres, namely the Heart Shopping Centre and The Hersham Green Shopping Centre, there’s no such thing as worries you won’t have where to unleash your inner fashionista, or at least do some window shopping, which can have the same beneficial effect on your mental health. At the former destination, for instance, you can find a place to play ping-pong to help release stress, as well as numerous famous chain retailers and places to eat. However, remember that it’s easy to get caught in the moment and overindulge in money spending only to come home disappointed that you could have distributed your funds better. You need to be aware of your emotional urges to throw money out the window and only try to stick with things that will please you and have functionality long after your gloomy period.

Connecting to your community

Human beings are meant and designed to socialise and exchange ideas and experiences, and it’s in our nature to seek bonding with other like-minded or different individuals. Unfortunately, it can be easy to neglect our social needs, and it’s not until something troubling or distressing happens to one that they realise the importance of nurturing social bonds and expanding their circle of friends or acquaintances.
If you’ve ever felt down or gone through an unsettling event that’s affected your mental health, seek help from those around you and widen your social circles. Reconnect with old friends, pursue a peer support group, download related apps, stop refusing invitations, participate in live events, and seize any opportunity to meet new people. You may see everyone radiating and looking happy and fulfilled, but everyone is going through their battle. Mental health is a topic that people have long become highly aware of and interested in, which is why many steps are taken in this regard. Talking to psychotherapists or psychologists is a more common practice than ever. It is rising in popularity, just as reaching out to legal experts when an injustice is being done and one suffers due to someone else’s fault is more widespread than ever. For instance, you can get help from claim solicitors if you or a close one has been the victim of a criminal attack. It’s not enough to only share the experience with a trustworthy friend. You can get all the necessary help from a legal expert and gain information from resources like With little but constant steps, you’ll improve your mental health regardless of the event encountered.

Being a tourist

Whether you’re a seasoned Elmbridge resident who knows the city by heart or a newcomer travelling here for business, leisure, or other personal purposes, taking time to explore the sights as if you were a wide-eyed tourist for the first time is sure to present you with opportunities to broaden your horizons. You can check out the city’s most famous eateries and plan a day when you only go restaurant hopping. If you want to take your tourist trip further and experience your city through a tourist’s lens, you can embark on an organised tour with guides.
Elmbridge Museum, Brooklands Community Park, Brooklands Museum, the City Parks, London Bus Museum, Botanical Gardens, or even historical architecture are likely places you haven’t thought about lately. Still, they will amaze you through their historical and cultural enrichment.

Taking a water ride

Not many towns can brag about having more than one river flowing through them and especially arranging activities that can be done thanks to these environments. Elmbridge boasts of being transited by the Thames, Mole, and Wey rivers. They all offer opportunities to visitors and locals to perform water activities such as boating, rowing, or simply gazing above the rivers while walking by them or around the countryside.
Simply surrounding oneself with water has excellent health benefits, including mind and body relaxation, mental health boosts, stress and anxiety relief, and dopamine release. Regular walks near water bodies are all the more fulfilling when surrounded by nature abundant in greenery. Luckily, there’s no shortage of such enriching spaces in and around Elmbridge, so if you need escapism and a break from the daily, stressful activities, you have a great opportunity that’s neither budget-straining nor effort-consuming.

Attending upcoming events

With such crammed-up schedules and the hustle culture that has become the new norm, one can easily overlook the small yet impactful things in life, making one’s days brighter. Those with plenty of spare time on their hands have more possibilities to attend the numerous carefully planned events in Elmbridge, staying up to date with upcoming concerts, festivals, theatre plays, and so on. But it doesn’t mean you can’t join them and experience some of the forthcoming events organised in Elmbridge.
You’re just a Google search query away from discovering the area’s engaging workshops, trips, concerts, and other events. For instance, if you’re a LEGO fan, you can participate in the Cardiff Brick Festival scheduled for the 21st of October at Utilita Arena Cardiff or the Milton Keynes Brick Festival organised on the 29th of the same month. You’ll get to meet like-minded people and participate in speed-building competitions, watch large-scale displays and engage in other similar activities.

As you can see, how you care for your mental health depends on what activities you feel like providing you with the sweet escape and freedom you need sometimes. If you know any other places or activities that should be included on this list, please feel free to share them with us!