Tips for Training for the Weybridge 10K & Fun Run

There is plenty for you to do in Weybridge but if you are a fan of running then you should consider taking on the Weybridge 10K and Fun Run. This closed 10K race was voted as the 2nd best in the country by UK runners as the whole thing takes place across the beautiful backdrop of Walton Bridge, with the scenic route showcasing a huge mix of the town centre and the rural river scene.

Why Do the Fun Run?

Other than the fact that it is a fun experience where you will get to meet a lot of interesting people, there are other benefits that come with doing the Weybridge 10K and Fun Run. One of these (which also happens to be the most prominent) are the prizes. All men and women who finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd are going to be awarded a star prize. These prizes are donated by Kitbrix and Airhop Guildford. You can also win a special SPOT Prize too if you’re lucky. A number of other benefits with doing the run is that you will improve your fitness, give yourself something to work for and will also just generally enjoy yourself.

When is the Fun Run?

If you are considering competing but feel out of shape, then you are going to be happy to know that you still have plenty of time. The race is not going to take place in 2022 until 4th December at 8:00am, which means you have plenty of time to start following a plan and getting into shape if this is something you’re interested in doing.

Tips for Training

Some top tips for when training for the Weybridge 10K and fun run include but aren’t limited to:

– Start Slow
As mentioned above, you should consider following some kind of training plan because if you don’t do this, then you run the risk of tiring yourself out and putting yourself off of continuing training. Be sure to walk before you can run (literally) and give yourself plenty of room to improve. All of this will make the whole training process a lot more straightforward.

– Take Breaks

If you don’t take breaks, then you aren’t giving your body enough chance to recover. You need to ensure that you are having days off as this is going to make training and improving a lot easier both physically and mentally. Feel free to spend some spare time completely forgetting about your training and head over to websites such as where you are going to be able to play on the likes of slot machines, poker tables and roulette wheels.

– Run Hills

If you really want to improve on your stamina and your overall ability as a runner then when you feel confident enough, you should start running some hills. Doing this is going to make your legs a lot stronger and you are going to massively increase your recovery time as a result as well. Have a look for some hills near you, don your running shoes and see those improvements take effect.