Three benefits of trying a new sport in 2022

Three benefits of trying a new sport -running

2022 is upon us and January is a time to make New Year’s resolutions. Admittedly, most of us don’t last out the first month of the year before abandoning our grand plans. There are several reasons for that, including a lack of willpower, the dark, cold nights or setting your goals too high. Many of us are guilty of creating a resolution we just can’t stick to, meaning the game is up almost before it has started. But there’s a better way, an achievable target that holds your interest throughout the year.

Many of us create a resolution that demands that we do less of something. It may be eating less, drinking less, spending less money, spending less time on social media. Whatever it is, we often apply harsh limitations and that explains why most people fall flat on their faces. Modern life is difficult enough without denying ourselves the things we enjoy. What about making a resolution that allows us to try something new or even do more of the things we enjoy.

If you are a lover of sports you may plan to attend more of your chosen team’s matches. You may plan to put more effort into your sports bets placed on leading gambling apps like gtbets or it could be to read more autobiographies written by sports stars. Less isn’t always more. If you plan on spending less money and getting fitter, joining one of Weybridge’s many exciting local sports teams or gyms could help guide you on your quest.

In this article, we look at some of the sports you can do locally and some of the many benefits associated with participating in competitive sports. The aim of this article is to help introduce our readers to some of the area’s sports organisations while helping you reach your goals for 2022.

Three benefits of trying a new sport - fitness

Get fit & lose weight

One of the main benefits of exercise is it helps increase your physical fitness and when supported by a healthy diet, can help you lose unnecessary or unhealthy weight. You can slim down, build lean, athletic muscles and increase your fitness levels. All this can be achieved by visiting one of the area’s public gyms two to four days a week.
There’s no need to be smashing out marathons on the treadmill or deadlifting heavy weights. Simply, moderate exercise a few times a week will be enough to improve fitness, burn fat and build muscle. You’ll often notice the mental benefits instantly and the physical benefits will make themselves known within the first fortnight of exercise.

Meet new people

There are many organised and welcoming sports clubs in your area, ranging from tennis, ballet, ballet, fitness classes and combat sports. There really is something for everyone and you are free to go along and try out your nearest club. With a class to suit all ages, from a toddlers soft play and fitness regime to an adults salsa class, you’ll learn a new skill in a safe and friendly environment.
All you have to do is make the first move by dropping in to your local club or sending them an email enquiring about availability. For many people, reaching out is the most difficult part, especially when trying something new. It’s all plain sailing and good fun from there.

Gain confidence and compete

It’s not just your physical fitness that improves when you try a new sport or join a local club, your mental fitness improves too. Socialising, learning new skills and taking part in competitions improves your mental health, builds confidence, helps break down barriers in the local community and gives you the confidence that comes from being fit. You can enjoy your new club as a hobby or get fit with the aim of trying your hand at competition level.

This returns to the New Year’s resolution theme of this article. Yes, January is a great time to get fit and try something new but the month of the year doesn’t matter. You can choose to take the first steps on your fitness journey on the first day of the year, the last day and anytime between. You are in complete control.