Things to Do in Weybridge on the Weekends

Places like Weybridge and Elmbridge in Surrey are not necessarily known for great live weekend entertainment and yet, as the area becomes increasingly upper middle-class ‘Town and Country’ and less Hollywood, the more first-time buyers move into the areas, the more that the residents are looking for fun and exciting things to do on the weekends. This article will detail some of the best weekend activities in the Weybridge area and surrounds. It is useful information for both those looking to move to the area and for those who are simply spending some time in the wonderful area for the weekend.

Go on a Virtual City Tour

The rise of the virtual and online tour has taken root in the online world as increasing numbers of people continue to see the world, its great cities and all the museums, art shows, and national monuments from within their own homes via the virtual and online tour. If you have the right tech, VR goggles, and the time to see the world in a whole new way, then a weekend in Weybridge could offer entertaining city tours from anywhere. The virtual city tour is trending simply because it’s a way to keep broadening horizons and serves as a form of travel and adventure for all who have access to the internet. You may well be in Surrey for the weekend, but could very well, with the right planning and tickets, attend some of the best virtual entertainment that there is around the globe.

Play at the Online Casino

Playing at online casinos has become one of the top online activities and pastimes of the modern age. This online pastime will allow you access to top-of-the-range, Vegas-styled casinos from your country home, without the hustle and bustle of city travel and any need to find a place to stay over. The online casino can be played with on your own or with friends from either the same premises or all online, just in the same casino room or at live tables.

Learn the Area

If you’re in the Weybridge area for a weekend, then go and see some of the famous houses and halls. Spots like Hampton Hall, Brookland’s Museum, and Oatlands Village Hall are typical and fantastically historical places to visit and to spend the day out. Think high-end picnics and time spent enjoying what are some of the best old country houses and homes in the country and beyond. Some great walks and cycle routes have also become extremely popular for locals as well as tourists to the area, so being able to get around and learn about the local area is another great way to spend time on your weekend.

Weybridge and its surrounds have always been great places to live and work from. With the improvement of internet connectivity and the vast array of online entertainment options we now have, these have also become great places to spend the weekend and relax.