The UK’s best Countryside Getaways

The UK's best Countryside Getaways

You’ll struggle to find a person who doesn’t love travel. Exploration is embedded within our DNA, and discovering the most breathtaking locations gives us a dopamine hit like no other. However, residents of the United Kingdom can sometimes battle with the time, money, and patience required to take a trip abroad. Even health complications or age can make exotic holidays unreachable. If that’s the case, fear not because Great Britain boasts some of the most scenic and romantic holiday destinations.

With this in mind, today we’re previewing some of the best UK holiday getaways, ones that are specifically located throughout Britain’s vast countryside. The hustle and bustle of city breaks like London and Manchester are popular. Still, for those who enjoy walking, charming villages, picturesque hills, and relaxation without the crowds, this guide is for you!

The Lake District

Location: North-West of England

Discover a world of magical beauty in the North-West of England, as the Lake District – also Lakes or Lakeland – has long been a popular destination for bidding British travellers.

This mountainous region is predominantly known for its lakes, stunning scenery, and of course, mountains. Windermere, Keswick, Ambleside, and Grasmere are the most visited locations in Lake District, offering unique landscapes, all-encompassing lakes, and charming villages.

What Can I Do in The Lake District:

Filled with hiking and cycling trails, the Lake District is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Walk casually around one of the district’s delightful lakes, or alternatively, up the tempo and cycle through the valleys.

Don’t neglect to explore the nearby villages and snap some shots or hike up a mountainside to fill that camera roll with awe-inspiring pictures that capture imperfections of the earth’s crust.

Above all else, exploring the Lake District’s natural beauty is enough to keep one entertained for days.


Location: South-West of England

For a day out on the beach, Cornwall is an unmissable spot and deserves a position on our list.

I once stayed in Cornwall during the summertime, and its coastal area took me by complete surprise, as it could’ve been mistaken for an exotic location abroad. Climatic cliffs overlook white sandy beaches with extended coastlines stretching the entire county.

What Can I Do in Cornwall:

Cornwall combines scenic cliffs, beautiful beaches and unmissable views, but the central areas also cater to foodies and entertainment arcades for the kids. Don’t miss out on tasting a famous Cornish pasty, which calories can be burnt off quickly by exploring the easily accessed coastlines.

Whether it’s by foot, bike, or boat, you’re guaranteed to be met with endless exploration options. And if you’re somewhat of a history aficionado, you’ll find plenty of ancient sites to explore.


Location: Central-Southwest of England

If countryside villages are up your alley, look no further than the Cotswolds. It’s home to the most beautiful cottages and countryside in the United Kingdom. As it’s quite a large area, you won’t run short of things to do and places to visit – the Cotswolds stems throughout Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, and Warwickshire.

What Can I Do in The Cotswolds:

Visiting the idyllic villages such as Bourton-on-the-Water, Castle Combe, and Bibury is necessary. Visitors can indulge in the past with history-filled towns like Cirencester and Chipping Campden. Countless gardens are within the five counties of the Cotswolds that are budget-friendly and stunningly beautiful.

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Location: South-West England

Devon presents a motley and attractive geography; with two national parks, including the famous Dartmoor National Park, it is also home to the county’s largest river that forms most of Cornwall’s border and extends to Devon’s northwest hills. The rough beauty and moorland sights are captivating, and it’s decumbent valleys and green pastures accompany epic cliffs bordered by the cerulean ocean.

Travellers truly receive a pick-and-mix of the English countryside when visiting Devon; profuse fields in unison with earthy coastlines and fossil-suffused cliffs meet tantalizing moorland, endless hillsides, and alluring rivers that flow through charming valleys.

What Can I Do in Devon:

Walk through the various towns laced with cobbled streets and history-defining buildings, museums, and galleries. Devon is brimming with history, including several castles like Powerham, Berry Pomeroy, and Tiverton. You can also utilise locations such as the Dartmoor National Park for abundant outdoor activities.

Yorkshire Dales

Location: North-Central England

For those embarking on a journey to discover incredible spouts of English countryside, then you must include the North-Central region of England in your itinerary, as it’s the home of Yorkshire Dales’s sweeping hillsides and small pastoral towns.

Each season, from Autumn through Summer, assists Yorkshire’s peaks in evolving into some of the most beautiful countryside spots in Great Britain. Areas in the Yorkshire Dales provide diversity and go from wild adventures to carefree, serenity-induced days.

What Can I Do in The Yorkshire Dales:

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the 268-mile Pennine Way hike as you’ll bask in the Yorkshire Dales’s breathtaking countryside for hours. Alternatively, many towns, such as Alston and Aysgarth, are filled with museums and intriguing places to delve into.