The Online Entertainment Options Bringing Big City Vibes to The Countryside

No longer do people have to leave the sedate-paced Weybridge in Elmbridge, Surrey, and surrounding areas to access and enjoy some of the best big-city entertainment and fun. This article will examine this trend and show you how living in the Surrey countryside, and Weybridge in particular, is still an excellent choice and how online and internet entertainment will continue to make it so. Here are some of the top trends in such entertainment that will add some excitement to your life.

The online casino

The online casino has to be one of the most significant changes to the way you access and enjoy entertainment. No longer do you have to drive, hire transport, or mission to visit your favorite casino or bingo haunts. Simply have a look through the best AU online casinos and take your pick to find any one of the Vegas-like luxurious casinos to play at from the comfort of your country or village home. The range of games is extensive, and you should try to include friends and family or play with them virtually to make the online casino a social event.

Virtual music concerts

VR and the accessibility of this technology have enabled an entirely new and exciting way of attending and engaging with live music. The virtual concert is not a new thing, and in 2006 Duran Duran performed in Second Life, and Phil Collins did the same in Grand Theft Auto. However, the pandemic brought this type of entertainment option to the fore for all, and the virtual concert is now definitely one of the best ways to feel big city vibes in the Surrey countryside. Virtual live and interactive concerts and shows are now being held on different social media platforms such as TikTok, as well as in some of the best virtual worlds and games out there.

Virtual City tours

Just as the VR gear can be used above to attend a concert and game with friends, it can also be used to visit some of the biggest, most exciting cities in the world. The virtual city tour has grown in popularity, and there are some great options for virtual city tours, from London, New York, Paris, and Venice to the Greek ruins in Athens. You can experience all of these city streets from your front room. Virtual tourism is now real and being used by substantial numbers of people to see the world, learn about the places we’ve always wanted to and entertain themselves. Choose cites that have areas of interest or famous museums, galleries, and architecture to make the tour worthwhile.

These online entertainment options are all arguably going to be related and improved with the use of virtual reality. It is the tech of the future, and it is here now, and able to make village or country life anything that you want it to be. It is about being able to expand your horizons without having to go anywhere at all, well at least not physically.